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Italy Travel Blog

Must See Attractions at the Vatican Museums

Apollo and the Muses on the ceiling of the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are a necessary stop for any trip to the Vatican. These art and Christian museums are visited by millions of people annually and is collectively considered the 6th most visited art museum in the world. With 54 galleries and about 20,000 works on display, merely exploring can take hours if you do so without a plan. It’s even possible that you may not be able to view everything due to time constraints. Below is a list of the highlights – not including the Sistine Chapel – you shouldn’t miss out on. The Vatican Pinacoteca This is an art-lover’s dream: the Vatican Pinacoteca contains several masterpieces that previously belonged to different popes, all collected under one roof. There are 460 paintings here, as well as tapestries, icons, and sculptures, all spread out over eighteen rooms and displayed in chronological order. In addition to Caravaggio’s Deposition and da Vinci’s […]

6 Essential Things You Need to Pack for Your Trip to Italy

Packed suitcase

Packing for any trip should come with a game plan: you’ll want to do so efficiently, neither under nor over-packing. This does pose an interesting question, though. What exactly you should bring on your trip to Italy? Here are a few essential items that should definitely go into your suitcase. Emergency information Most people keep their emergency contacts and travel information on their mobile devices or their laptops, but you never know when technology will decide to work against you. Keep a couple of redundant printouts and keep them on you at all times when you go sightseeing, so that you always have the information on hand when you need it. It’s also a good idea to keep photocopies of your passport handy, in case you lose it. You’ll be able to get a replacement at your country’s embassy much easier if you have a copy of the original. A […]

Best Places in Italy to Visit for Spring

Peach tree blooming in spring

March can be one of the best months to start heading to Italy for a number of reasons. As a “shoulder season” month, this means that even the most popular tourist attractions are less crowded, and rates are cheaper for airfare and accommodations. The weather is decent, if slightly unpredictable, and there are more than a few major holidays and festivals to attend for a truly authentic experience. While all of Italy is abloom in the spring, here are a few of our favorite key destinations to visit. Sicily Sicily is best seen in March, when the temperatures start to climb but the roads are still fairly clear. Here you’ll find some beautiful Roman and Greek ruins just begging to be explored during the day and charming baroque towns that make for stunning night views. The sights are spread out and you’ll need time to get around to see them […]

A Solo Traveler’s Guide for Females around Italy

A female tourist in Rome

Traveling alone may seem daunting at first, but it can be one of the best and most rewarding experiences you can have as a woman. Not only does going solo help you become more confident and feel empowered, you might also learn new things about yourself while immersed in the culture of a different country. Here are a few travel tips that might prove helpful if you’re a woman who’s planning to take a solo trip to Italy: Avoid the peak seasons Not only can the heat be punishing in the summer, but you’ll find that you’re coming in to crowded cities that will only be half-open. Italians take vacations, too, and they usually do so around a two-week national holiday in August called Ferragosto. Food, lodging, and airfare will typically skew towards the pricier side as well. Do your research and plan as much of your trip in advance […]

When Is the Best Season to Travel to Italy?

Summer time in Sicily - Italy

Given Italy’s popularity as a world-class tourist destination, timing your trip may prove challenging depending on your travel priorities. The country has something to offer visitors year-round, but major attractions are sure to draw crowds in the thousands during the summer. Meanwhile, other cultural events may have tourists flocking to choice destinations, which may be detrimental to a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what happens in Italy every year and give you a better idea of what’s in store before you book your flights. Summer Fun for Everyone Summer is the peak tourist season in Italy. Starting from May, major cities and attractions can be crowded and will continue to be so up until July, when you have to contend not only with fellow tourists, but also with locals going on vacation. Airfare, accommodations and entrance to common draws may be higher […]


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