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Experiencing Italy’s Wonders by Car

Having your own car for your Italian vacation gives you maximum flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace and schedule. Italy has over 5,600 kilometers (3,480 miles) of Autostrada, or superhighways, giving you lots of asphalt to cruise on. You probably won’t have all the time and gas to cover every kilometer of the country, so we wanted to help you make the most of your tour across the land. These are our best tips for experiencing Italy’s wonders by car. Renting a Car It is most economical to rent a car ahead of time, before you leave for Italy. Most big-name car rental companies have offices in Italy to give you that familiar brand of service even if you’re a long way from home. Renting by the week and not by the day can also save you money. Most cars in Italy run on manual transmissions. It [...]

Italy – There’s an App for That!

Here is our roundup of some of the best and most useful smartphone apps out there for your trip to Italy. Roma Bus – FREE – This app tracks (most) of Rome’s public buses so you know if it is faster to walk or wait. You can also geo-locate yourself and it will tell you what bus stops are close. Il Meteo – FREE – The weather in Italy this summer has been a little unpredictable, late afternoon thundershowers in Rome and Venice have sent us scrambling for an umbrella.  Be prepared with the Il Meteo app that is reasonably accurate and predicts the weather by the hour. Google Translate – FREE – Don’t be at a loss for words. The google translate app even has audio. Easy Italia - FREE – Use this app to call for tourist information and assistance, seven days a week. Info Treni - FREE – This [...]

Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

  Tired of the beach? Here are a few of our favorite things to do on the Amalfi Coast Take a Hike Path of the Gods – Sentiero Degli Dei  The full walk starts in the town of Bomerano, near Agerola and finishes in Positano. You can do a shorter version and stop for lunch in Nocelle and then catch the local bus down to Positano. The entire walk will take you around 4 1/2 hours but if you stop in Nocelle it should take around 3 hours. Some parts of the path are better marked than others.  Make sure you have water and comfortable shoes.  Don’t forget your camera, the views are extraordinary. Monte Solarno  - Anacapri The summit of Monte Solarno in Anacapri is at a height of 600 meters, that is almost 2,000 feet! You can climb to the top or take the slightly easier chairlift to [...]

Hot springs in Tuscany and Lazio

Are you looking for an alternative to a day at the beach?  It might seem counterintuitive,  but a trip to the hot springs in summer can be a refreshing thing.   The area between Rome and Florence is filled with natural springs.  Some are hot, some are warm, some are fancy,  some are rustic.  There is something for everyone and every season.  Here are some of our favorite Hot Springs in Tuscany and Lazio. Since the time of the Etruscans, the thermal waters from the hot springs in Tuscany and Lazio have been sought out for their healing properties.  The Romans developed pools with their masonry skills and then became even more developed by centuries of Popes and royalty. Today there are modern spa facilities and rustic pools hidden in wild hills and fields.  The choice is yours. Terme di Sorano A rest stop for centuries the facilities around these [...]

How to go to the Beach in Italy

Recently, Tour Italy Now shared some of the best beaches in Italy.  Now, here are our top tips on how to go to the beach in Italy. You might be thinking to yourself, really? Instructions on how to go to the beach? I know how to do that.  Spending the day at the beach in Italy might be little bit different than what you may be used to. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, Italians head to the seaside.  As summer progresses, the miles and miles of coastline all along the country fills up with vacationers and visitors. Weekends are the busiest. Most of the beaches in Italy are divided up into private beach clubs called stabilimenti balneari.  They work like this; You pay an entrance fee and have access to a whole range of facilities and activities. The whole affair is truly very civilized. Each of [...]

Italy’s Best Beaches

Don’t you want to jump in? Tour Italy Now shares our picks for Italy’s best beaches. May 1st is the official kick-off of the beach season. Italy is almost completely surrounded by water.  With almost 5,000 miles of coastline and more than 400 Islands, there are so many wonderful beaches it is hard to choose.  The best news is that you are close to a day at the beach from pretty much any place in Italy. Here are some of our favorite places along Italy’s many beautiful coastlines. Near Rome It is very easy to hop on a train and spend the day at the beach and be back in Rome in time for dinner.  Two good spots are Ostia and Santa Marinella. Ostia is less than an hour from the center of Rome and you can take the metro from Piramide station for less than €2.  There are miles [...]

Italy Travel Tips

How to Tour Italy  – Italy  Travel Tips The team at Tour Italy Now gets a lot of questions about how to tour Italy.  We are happy to share some of our best practical Italy travel tips to make your trip easy and enjoyable. Living on Italian Time The land of la Dolce Vita actually has pretty set times for eating and drinking and visiting museums and churches.  To make sure you not end up hungry and get to do everything you would like to follow our advice. Museums tend to be closed on Mondays.  Always make sure to double check opening days and times. You can skip the long lines at major attractions like the Vatican Museums and the Uffizzi in Florence by booking tickets ahead online. Churches, where a great many art treasures can be found, are usually closed from 12:30-3:30.  Plan your visits accordingly. Italians adhere pretty [...]

Summer in Italy

The official start to summer is June 21 with the longest day, but summer in Italy really starts much sooner.  With warm temperatures beginning in May, by June many Italians are already in the full swing of festivals and weekend beach trips. June Infiorata and Corpus Domini  Sixty days after Easter is the celebration of Corpus Domini.  This religious ritual was established in the twelfth century by Pope Urban IV, with the body of Christ symbolized as bread. In towns throughout Italy a festival known as the infiorata is held during the days surround Corpus Domini.  The festival in Spello, an enchanting Umbrian hill town, is one of the best known places to experience this colorful celebration. Designs are created on the streets and piazzas and the towns inhabitants work through the night to “paint” the designs with a carpet flowers and petals. The dates for 2013 are June 1-2. Venice [...]

Spring in Italy

Spring In Italy comes early to the cities and towns from Rome and further south.  As early as February you can see the almond blossoms on the tress in bloom in the island of Sicily. Spring in Italy is a fantastic time to visit.  You can beat the crowds and the heat of the summer high season, and miss the gray and cold of the (short) winter months. The festivals and events that you will experience during spring in Italy are more than just Easter celebrations in Rome. March March 8 is International Women’s Day.  In Italy this day is called Festa della Donna and is celebrated with gifts of sprigs of bright yellow mimosa flowers and often a night out with your girlfriends.  Many museums throughout Italy are free of charge for female visitors. The weekend of March 23-24, 2013 is the Open Monuments Days presneted by FAI, the [...]

Italy – Things You Need to Know Before You Go

Italy  –  Things you need to know before you go If this is your first time in Italy, there are a few things you need to know before you go that can make your visit the most enjoyable it can be. Summer temperatures Summer in Italy can be very hot. You will find that most buildings are not air conditioned to the same degree of cold as you may find in America, in fact most places will not have air conditioning at all. Tour Italy Now has a number of insider tips and tricks to help you keep your cool in the Italian heat. Churches – These large marbles structures are a haven of cool and quiet.  Step inside (with arms and legs covered, of course, have a light scarf in your bag) and take in the  art, history, and architecture. Go underground  – There are catacombs, cisterns, and crypts [...]