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Summer in Italy

The official start to summer is June 21 with the longest day, but summer in Italy really starts much sooner.  With warm temperatures beginning in May, by June many Italians are already in the full swing of festivals and weekend beach trips. June Infiorata and Corpus Domini  Sixty days after Easter is the celebration of Corpus Domini.  This religious ritual was established in the twelfth century by Pope Urban IV, with the body of Christ symbolized as bread. In towns throughout Italy a festival known as the infiorata is held during the days surround Corpus Domini.  The festival in Spello, an enchanting Umbrian hill town, is one of the best known places to experience this colorful celebration. Designs are created on the streets and piazzas and the towns inhabitants work through the night to “paint” the designs with a carpet flowers and petals. The dates for 2013 are June 1-2. Venice [...]

Spring in Italy

Spring In Italy comes early to the cities and towns from Rome and further south.  As early as February you can see the almond blossoms on the tress in bloom in the island of Sicily. Spring in Italy is a fantastic time to visit.  You can beat the crowds and the heat of the summer high season, and miss the gray and cold of the (short) winter months. The festivals and events that you will experience during spring in Italy are more than just Easter celebrations in Rome. March March 8 is International Women’s Day.  In Italy this day is called Festa della Donna and is celebrated with gifts of sprigs of bright yellow mimosa flowers and often a night out with your girlfriends.  Many museums throughout Italy are free of charge for female visitors. The weekend of March 23-24, 2013 is the Open Monuments Days presneted by FAI, the [...]

Italy – Things You Need to Know Before You Go

Italy  –  Things you need to know before you go If this is your first time in Italy, there are a few things you need to know before you go that can make your visit the most enjoyable it can be. Summer temperatures Summer in Italy can be very hot. You will find that most buildings are not air conditioned to the same degree of cold as you may find in America, in fact most places will not have air conditioning at all. Tour Italy Now has a number of insider tips and tricks to help you keep your cool in the Italian heat. Churches – These large marbles structures are a haven of cool and quiet.  Step inside (with arms and legs covered, of course, have a light scarf in your bag) and take in the  art, history, and architecture. Go underground  – There are catacombs, cisterns, and crypts [...]

Full Moon Italy Travel Is One Way to Make Magical Memories

Is there a perfect time to travel to Italy? Yes and no. No because there is no one perfect time that applies to everyone. But, on an individual basis, yes. Each and every one of us can imagine a perfect time to travel to Italy. It might be for an anniversary or a birthday or, if it’s a family trip, a graduation. Then of course there are seasonal considerations. Some of us prefer traveling in warm weather, others like cooler seasons. Then there’s another aspect to consider, details that many people overlook when they plan a trip but, can enhance the experience and make a richer memory. It might be a holiday, like Easter, or an event, like a film festival. It might be seasonal, like truffle or olive season. One detail we’d like to suggest when you plan a trip to Italy is the lunar cycle. Yes, the moon. [...]

Learning Italian Opens New Windows and Enhances Italy Travel

Here is the second installment from guest blogger Melissa Muldoon, a graphic designer and blogger and, last but not least, a passionate Italiaphile. When it comes to learning Italian, it never hurts to pick up a guide to traveler’s Italian to learn basic expressions like: Ciao! (Hello!) Come stai? (How are you?) Buona sera. (Good afternoon/Good evening). Buona notte! (Good night!) Quanto costa? (How much is this?) Bello! (Great!) Mi piace! (I like it!) If you have the passion to learn Italian and want to become fluent, all the better! In my opinion there is no one way or one golden method. It is a multi-layered process. You have to read, write, listen and speak the language everyday to build your vocabulary and feel at ease using it. Of course, it’s fun to practice when you are in Italy, no matter your level of proficiency. The Italians are very gracious [...]

Italian Travel Is Enhanced by Learning the Italian Language

Guest Blog Post by Melissa Muldoon, a.k.a. la studentessa matta Traveling to Italy and learning the Italian language are two of the biggest joys in my life. Ever since studying in Florence when I was a college student, I have had a passion for all things Italian. I must have been inhabited by an Italian “fantasma” as I traveled along the back roads lined with cypress trees, roads that wind between Montepulciano and Pienza, because I am certainly possessed by a desire to learn the language and visit every remote corner of il bel paese. The best part about knowing Italian is that whether you are navigating the streets of Rome on a Vespa or meandering on foot through a sleepy hill town in Tuscany, it enhances your Italian travel experience considerably. By knowing the language you are more in tune with the Italian culture and people and you will [...]

Off the Beaten Path, Italy at Its Best – 3 Italy Vacation Spots

If you’ve decided you want to take a vacation in Italy,but the well worn tourist routes aren’t for you, here are three great suggestions for an off the beaten path Italy experience. These ideas are courtesy of one of our favorite online resources, (In case you missed it, is owned by the New York Times). GoItaly Author, Martha Bakerjian, has traveled extensively throughout Italy over the past 25 years. So without further ado, here are three suggestions from Martha that are heartily endorsed by the team at Tour Italy Now: Sardinia, Puglia and Le Marche. Now we don’t want to give the impression that you won’t bump into any tourists in these three places. You will. But these Italy vacation spots are definitely less visited, and so less crowded than places like Rome, Florence or Venice. Actually, we would suggest you mix it up a little when planning [...]

Happy 2012, A Perfect Year to Travel to Italy!

Many of you probably watched, either in person or on television, Italy ring in the New Year with magnificent fireworks displays and concerts the cities of Rome, Venice, Naples and Milan. Now that we’re all settling into the routine of the New Year, invigorated by the fresh start aspects and possibilities, we’d like to share some of what’s ahead in 2012 with our wonderful community. We plan to make it an outstanding year for everyone who shares our passion for travel to Italy, the most beautiful place in the world! Tour Italy Now has exciting plans for 2012, from new travel offers — to be unveiled in the coming months — to an exciting editorial calendar for our social platforms. We’ll continue to bring you a great mix of information about Italy and all things Italian, always with stunning photographs. (Isn’t the one above, of Venice at dusk, amazing? It’s [...]

Amazing Italy Guidebooks: Rome, Florence, and All of Italy!

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I’m a little bit of a know-it-all. It takes lots to surprise or impress me. Ho hum and all the rest. This is even true with guidebooks. As I wrote last spring, in this Tour Italy Now blog post, I’m something of a guidebook junkie. Yes I love them and yes I buy lots, like DK Eyewitness Travel’s Rome and Cadogan’s Bologna & Emilia-Romagna, when I’m planning more Italy travel. But quite frankly I thought I’d seen them all. Until last night, when I was clicking around the Internet, and I discovered a new-to-me guidebook publisher that has an absolutely, positively wonderful selection of Italy guidebooks! The publisher is called Little Book Room, it’s based in New York City and their Italy travel books look exquisite, traditional as well as off the beaten track but not in a trying-too-hard quirky way. I am [...]