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A Virtual Tour of Italy with Matthew Brown

Tired of seeing boring, repetitive information about Italy, we’ve decided to take territorial marketing of this amazing country into our own hands, or rather put it into the hands of young photographers, bloggers, videographers, movers and shakers in new media. All under 35. All very connected. Can’t Forget It(aly) is our new web series, and it’s set to take you on a virtual journey through Italy. The series is intended to show you what Italy is all about through the real-life experiences of real people, going places, making friends and doing stuff in Italy. First hand. You won’t find any static aerial shots taken from a helicopter, surreal photoshopped sunsets or overpaid film stars branding their face alongside the region, but with these real-life virtual tours of Italy you will get to see the real experiences of these adventurous travelers. We’re taking you back down to earth with this new [...]

Tour Italy Now’s Dominic Siano in Huffington Post Travel

Tour Italy Now’s been a fan of Huffington Post Travel since its launch. We’re especially fond of the stunning slide shows they run, and often post links to them on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Yesterday Dominic Siano, founder and president of Tour Italy Now, made his publishing debut in Huffington Post Travel with the piece, “Italy, Land of Pasta, Now Does Gluten-Free Cuisine.” The piece is based on dining experiences Dominic had on his first Italy tour since discovering he was gluten intolerant, that is, sensitive to food containing wheat, barley or rye. (People with a severe allergy to wheat, barley or rye have celiac.) Several months before his Italy tour, Dominic had given up bread, beer and, perhaps hardest of all to forego, pasta. Can you imagine, going to Italy and not being able to eat pasta? From his first dining experience, in a restaurant in Milan, [...]

In Their Own Words: Notes from a Dolce Vita Tour of Italy

Tour Italy Now gets great feedback from customers who tour with us to Italy. You’ve probably seen the testimonials we run in the right-hand column of the website and also on our Testimonial Page. We recently received a detailed email from a couple from Mt. Sinai, New York. Lathika and Chandra Nair had taken the Dolce Vita Tour this past October, and sent along a lovely writeup of their activities, along with lovely photographs of some of Italy’s stunning attractions. We thought it would be fun to share their dispatch and a photo with the Tour Italy Now community. Many thanks to Lathika and Chandra Nair for taking the time to send their impressions and share the details of their tour of Italy with us. With no further ado, here are highlights from their trip, as relayed by Mrs. Nair. DAY 1 On the day we landed, we did a [...]

Tour Italy Now’s Core Beliefs

The Tour Italy Now brand has been around for almost 10 years, and we’re proud to be positioned as one of the top brands in the Italy travel industry. As the founder I feel compelled to tell our community what makes us tick; “OUR CORE BELIEFS.” What is our # 1 core belief? At Tour Italy Now, we firmly believe that everyone needs to visit Italy at least once in their lifetime. Ideally, multiple times in order to truly understand Italy and it’s people. By understanding Italy, you’ll gain new perspective, which will ultimately improve your life. This is why travel in general is important. Italy is one of those countries that has a lot to teach the world. As my Italian friends would agree, Italy has a lot to learn as well. The magic of travel is that it is the ultimate opportunity to learn and grow. I recently [...]

Ciao! Introducing Tour Italy Now’s Blogger, Barbara Fellini

Ciao Tour Italy Now readers! I’m Barbara Fellini, Tour Italy Now’s new blogger. I’m a freelance travel writer based in the U.S. I’m not an expert on Italy by any stretch. But I have been before, three times, and, like the millions who visit Italy every year, absolutely love the place. I plan to share what I learn about Italy, and all things Italian, with Tour Italy Now blog readers and help our Facebook friends and Twitter followers discover Italy. Tour Italy Now invites everyone, new as well as more seasoned travelers to Italy, to chime in with ideas, suggestions, opinions, here on the blog and on Tour Italy Now’s social media venues as well. A little background: Barbara Fellini is my pen name. It’s what friends called me in college, when I was over the top for Fellini movies. Feel free to comment below or on Facebook or Twitter. [...]