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On Your Next Trip to Italy, Tips for Coffee Lovers

What does someone taking a trip to Italy need to know about coffee in Italy? First, there are multiple ways to imbibe the beverage, as this infographic from the charming website CharmingItaly.com attests. (For a larger version, click HERE.) Perhaps the most common misperception among people taking trips to Italy involves cappucino. To Italians, it’s first and foremost a breakfast drink. Some Italian servers refuse to serve cappucino to guests after dinner! Apart from that cautionary tip, we suggest that coffee lovers branch out and try as many Italian variations on the drink as possible while on your trip to Italy. The short version of the history of coffee in Italy is thus: Coffee arrived in Europe from Ethiopia via Istanbul, where it became popular as early as the 1500s, and then from Istanbul to Venice. This is where the first European coffeehouses sprouted up. Eventually there were scores of […]