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Festivals in the Dolomites

Spring and Summer in Italy is the time for festivals and Tour Italy Now has been busy reading about the many festivals in the Dolomites. The dramatic, rocky, Dolomite mountains in the north of Italy were once known as the pale mountains and are a UESCO World Heritage Site.  They are spread equally between three regions, Trentino, Veneto and Alto Adagio. There are 18 peaks that climb to over 3,000 meters high. The Dolomites are not just about snow and skiing. They are busy in the summer months too!  When the snow melts and the flowers bloom the cities, towns and even the skies fill with music and film and balloon festivals. Alta Pusteria (International Choir Festival) Do you love the Sound of Music? This is the place to unleash your inner Von Trapp.  From 19-23 June 2013, in the towns along the long and narrow valley of Val Pusteria [...]