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New Rome Tourist Accommodation Tax as of September 2014: What You Need to Know About It

New Rome Tourist Accommodation Tax as of September 2014 A quick heads up, travelers! As the title of this article reads, the city of Rome in Italy has recently implemented a new Tourist Accommodation Tax (also known as “tassa di soggiorno” in Italian, and “bed tax”, “guest tax”, or “hotel tax” in English) as of September 1, 2014. This tax has been around for several years now, and is also being implemented in other major tourist cities such as Florence and Venice. This year, however, Rome has updated the rates of its tassa di soggiorno. To help avoid any confusion, especially when you’re at your hotel and you are handed a bill with this extra amount on it, here’s a guide on what these taxes are, and how they work. What is the tax for? This tax is being implemented by the city’s tourism authority as a way to help […]

The New Hotel “Bed” Tax: Yes in Florence, Not Yet in Venice

We wanted to update Tour Italy Now readers with the latest on the so-called bed tax that goes into effect in Florence on July 1. The tax is pegged to a hotel’s star rating, one euro per star. The math is simple enough. Two nights in a four-star hotel in Florence will include a tax of eight euro per person. (2 nights X 4 starts X 2 people = 16 euros! And we must point out that it’s more a guest tax than a bed tax!) But pray tell just how will the bed tax in Florence work? Confusion abounds on that point! As Tour Italy Now understands it, the tax will be collected either at check-in or check-out in cash. Yes, cash. We also understand that the tax will be levied on travelers who paid in advance for their hotels, but that point is not perfectly clear. Bottom line: […]

Venice and Florence Join Rome With New Bed Hotel Tax

Head’s Up: Rome With New Bed Hotel Tax! Florence and Venice are following Rome’s lead and will start levying visitor taxes on hotel guests starting July 1. Rome introduced the so-called “bed” or “accommodation” tax this past January 1; it applies to all guests, business and leisure travelers, Italians and non-Italians. Tour Italy Now is endeavoring to get accurate details as to how the tax will be implemented. Based on numerous press accounts, we’re confident to assert that the tax will not be identically levied in all three cities. In Rome, each visitor at a 4- or 5-star hotel will be charged a 3 euros, while each visitor at a 1-, 2- or 3-star hotel or at a B&B or an apartment rental will be charged 2 euros apiece. The Florence and Venice “bed” tax, at least during the high season, is pegged to the hotel’s star rating, with 5 […]

Overnight Accommodation Tax in Rome

On 28th July 2010 Rome City Council gave its approval, in accordance with Article 14, Paragraph 16, Letter E), of the Decree Law No. 78 dated 2010, as converted by Law No. 122 dated 2010, to the introduction of an overnight accommodation tax on tourist services in the city of Rome (Municipal Council Resolution No. 67 dated 28th/29th July 2010). The fee, which is intended to financially assist the city’s efforts in organizing urban services, is aimed at ensuring the standard of the tourists’ stay is both highly efficient and of the best quality. The fee is set to be applied as of 1st January 2011 and will be asked of anyone staying in any overnight accommodation inside Rome’s boundaries, with the sole of exception of hostels, at the end of each stay. Please note that the fee is also asked of anyone who has booked or paid for the […]



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