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Italian Christmas Food 101

Family and foods coupled with lots of love and age old traditions makes the Italian Christmas one of a kind. Families go to church together, open their gifts and gather round the dining table for a hearty Christmas meal. An Italian Christmas meal is just like any other Italian cuisine, flavorful, mouth-watering and highly enjoyable. During this merriest season of the year, traditional cuisine and seasonal fares brightens the Christmas table.

Italian Christmas Bread and Cookies

Christmas in Italy is always overflowing with hearty meals, rich Italian traditions and rituals. Family and friends gather in this joyous season to savor age old traditions and most importantly eat together. An Italian Christmas feast is always completed by sweet treats of bread and cookies.

Panforte, Siena’s Contribution to Italian Christmas Food

Panforte literally means “strong bread”. It is a traditional Christmas dessert originally from Siena, Italy thus it is also known as Siena Cake.