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American Girl in Italy, 60 Years Later

This stunning photograph by Ruth Orkin, of a tall American woman walking down a street in Florence in the early 1950s, is one of the better known photographs of the 20th century. If you’ve never seen it before, you have to agree it’s a work of art, one that generated controversy for the obscene gesture of the man on the left. The photographer, an American named Ruth Orkin, shot the photograph of this American, one Ninalee Craig, one fine day in Florence. The two met each other when they were traveling, separately and on their own, an unusual thing for young women to do at that time. Orkin thought it would be fine to spend the day shooting pictures of the statuaesque Craig. In addition to the street corner moment, she took pictures of Craig in cafes and in a sports car. (See below.) Some people wondered if the American […]

Beautiful Venice, 40 Photographs

Photos of beautiful Venice are on the menu for today! So far Venice is topping the list of favorite Italy travel destinations on the Tour Italy Now Facebook poll. No doubt Venice is one of the most magical and romantic places in the world. (We love that the airport is called Marco Polo International Airport!) I have a friend who went on her honeymoon there. And another who’s been several times, including to the Carnival! And another who … well, you get the idea. I went years ago when I was on an Italy tour with high school students. I can’t wait to get back … Here are 40 photographs of Venice that will let your imagination take you there. To celebrate Venice, here are 40 stunning Venice Italy photos, curated by designer Evan Varsamis, to behold: 40 Stunning Venice Italy Photos. Yours in celebrating beautiful Venice, Barbara Fellini



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