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Here’s To Your Next Italy Trip & 20,000 Facebook Fans and Counting!

Woo hoo! We’re almost at 20,000 fans on Facebook! This is awesome, this is huge, and we want to give Tour Italy Now’s Facebook community a shoutout for being such a loyal, passionate group of folks united by a love of Italy. Tour Italy Now’s fan page is one of the most robust Italy travel communities on the Internet. We cannot tell you enough how much we value your participation in the community. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The thing that brings us together of course is a love of Italy, the most beautiful place in the world, and of course the idea of and traveling to Italy to see and experience it for ourselves. We got terrific comments from people who’ve taken a trip to Italy, and want to take another, as well as comments from people who’ve never been but who have “Italy trip” on their bucket [...]

It’s Official! Italy is the Top Travel Choice of Americans!

Even though this comes as no surprise, we wanted to trumpet this news with the Tour Italy Now community: According to a new survey, a trip to Italy remains choice #1 for Americans! This finding is from Harris Survey, one of the top pollings firms in the world, and is based on interviews with 2,183 Americans age 18 and over. Italy tops the list, with Great Britain, Australia, Ireland and France rounding out the top five. Italy is the top travel choice of americans! What’s fascinating, at least to yours truly and we hope to you, too, is that Italy has held the top first or second spot going back to 2000, with a dip to third place in 2002. In the late 1990s, Italy placed fourth, which is hardly shabby. But this past decade has been great for Italy. We called Harris to get a sense of the numbers, [...]