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Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

  Tired of the beach? Here are a few of our favorite things to do on the Amalfi Coast Take a Hike Path of the Gods – Sentiero Degli Dei  The full walk starts in the town of Bomerano, near Agerola and finishes in Positano. You can do a shorter version and stop for lunch in Nocelle and then catch the local bus down to Positano. The entire walk will take you around 4 1/2 hours but if you stop in Nocelle it should take around 3 hours. Some parts of the path are better marked than others.  Make sure you have water and comfortable shoes.  Don’t forget your camera, the views are extraordinary. Monte Solarno  - Anacapri The summit of Monte Solarno in Anacapri is at a height of 600 meters, that is almost 2,000 feet! You can climb to the top or take the slightly easier chairlift to [...]

A Hot Air Balloon Ride, Perfect for Your Italy Vacation!

Here’s something to consider when you take a trip to Italy: a ride in a hot air balloon. What more beautiful way to take in the Italian landscape, whether it’s over Tuscany’s undulating hills, outside the city of Milan, or in the Dolomites, a picturesque region in the Italian Alps. This month, one of Italy’s best known Italian balloon festivals took place in the Dolomites. These stunning mountains are not widely known outside of Italy, at least not as widely known as famous cities like Rome, Naples and Venice or regions like Tuscany or the Piedmont, but they are popular with Italians and other Europeans embarking on a vacation in Italy. In the winter, there’s skiing and of course the balloon festival. Check out these amazing photos of the balloon festival on Flickr! In the warmer months, you can hike, go mountain climbing and, if you are a super adventurous, [...]

Refrigerator Magnets, the Perfect Souvenir of a Vacation in Italy

Everyone seems to have their favorite travel souvenir. Some people can’t come home without a coffee mug or a shot glass or snow globe. Others go for tee-shirts or spoons. You know who you are! Here at Tour Italy Now, we are major into refrigerator magnets. In many ways, they are the perfect travel souvenir of your Italian vacation. They’re super-easy to find in your travels — they’re available all over Italy and easy to carry and, best of all, when you get home, easy to display. Tour Italy Now’s very own Priscila Siano has been collecting fridge magnets of her travels for years. Priscila and Dominic’s refrigerator is covered with them, each a special memento that commemorates their travels around Italy, to places like Rome, Milan, Florence … and other places as well of course. The cool thing about souvenir fridge magnets is that they are a constant reminder [...]

October, a Perfect Time for an Italy Vacation

There’s no such thing as a perfect time of year for your Italian vacation. Even in winter you can have a wonderful time in Italy as there’s always some picturesque town or bustling city just waiting to be discovered in whatever weather. But that said, October really is a terrific month for a vacation to Italy. Not only is the weather delightful, blue skies filled with warm sun are still the norm, but there are all sorts of festivals held throughout Italy to be tasted and tried. October is the month for harvesting grapes and making wine, and also when tasty mushrooms like porcini and tartufo (truffles) are in season. Five annual events caught our eye. You may have heard of some of them like the EuroChocolate Festival in Perugia, but we’re guessing that at least one is new to you. Be sure to file this list away when you’re [...]