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The Jersey Shore Does Florence, We Hope You Do Too…

So the Jersey Shore does Florence! We thought we’d let the Jersey Shore Season Four get off the ground before commenting on what it’s like seeing this group on the ultimate Italy vacation. As it turns out, last week’s season debut got the highest ratings ever. We know part of the reason is that the show was shot in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the most beautiful country in the world! If you missed the season premiere, here’s an Episode One recap from Rolling Stone Magazine. We note that the group got lost in Florence, something that would not happen if they were on an escorted tour with Tour Italy Now, tee hee! If you’re watching the show, you won’t get to see all that much of Florence, it’s a backdrop to be sure, but remember last spring the mayor of Florence banned Jersey Shore from taping […]

Jersey Shore in Italy

WARNING: Jersey Shore in Italy! 🙁 This post may make you not want to go on a tour of Italy this spring! It’s happening, the Jersey Shore is headed to Florence to start taping Season Four next week. They were slated to go this week, but delayed their arrival so as not to get caught up in the hoopla of Berlusconi’s visit later this week. Whatever you think of the cast of Jersey Shore — and yes we absolutely know several cast members are not Italian — on some levels it is a win-win for Italy, and especially Florence, for the obvious reason that millions of Americans are going to be seeing the beauty of Italy when they tune it to see what sort of mischief these kids from Jersey get into during their Italy tour. I am also wondering if this MTV tour of Italy isn’t going to be […]

Where Oh Where: Jersey Shore in Italy!

UPDATE Friday March 25, 2011: MTV News just posted this article with video of the cast practicing their Italian. Whatever you think of the reality show Jersey Shore, it is nothing short of wild that the program is going to Italy for Season 4. Folks are wondering where. The exact location has yet to be announced. Something tells me it will not be Venice or Milan. (Just a hunch!) Maybe Naples? Or Brindisi? Is Rome big enough for this gang? Where oh where? When the news breaks, the Internet is going to go insane with reaction! Tour Italy Now will be on top of it, of course. We hope you’ll chime in. For starters, what do you think about the idea of doing a season in Italy? To give you a sense of the first round of reaction, here’s a piece that ran on the Wall Street Journal’s blog. (Talk […]



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