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World War II History in Italy

Today Americans will celebrate Memorial Day and on June 2, Italians will celebrate Festa della Republica.  Volumes have been written on World War II history in Italy.  Here, Tour Italy Now will share some little known places and facts about this important time in our shared histories. History is on every corner in Italy, from Etruscan relics to Renaissance treasure.  Some history is more recent.  The memories of World War II are still evident in many everyday places throughout Italy.  Most of Rome was spared the German’s bombs.  However, the cities of Milan and Florence suffered great damage. Ponte Vecchio. The oldest bridge in Florence, built in Roman times and was long the only bridge to cross the Arno river and connect the two sides of Florence.  Over the centuries, four other bridges were constructed along the length of the city and the river. There is a secret passageway that […]



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