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The Dogs of Venice, Past and Present

Did you know that besides ornate masks and colorful pasta and endless canals and gondolas, Venice’s got dogs galore? This is one of those charming details that sometimes gets lost in the wonderful story that is Venice. But it’s true, dogs are part of Venice’s cityscape, if you’ve been, you’ve surely seen them at play along side streets or gazing out of a window. We were reminded of this today we noticed a lovely blog post, The Dogs That Run Venice, on the lovely shelter site Apartment Therapy. The post notes that there are statues of Saint Roch, San Rocco in Italian, the patron saint of dogs, throughout Venice. And at the Guggenheim Museum along the Grand Canal, the arts patroness Peggy Guggenheim is buried next to here beloved 14 dogs. For more on Peggy Guggenheim and her dogs, click HERE. A little clicking around reminded us that the Scuola […]