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Italy Shopping! Four Things to Buy on Your Vacation in Florence

Excited for your upcoming trip to Italy? Finally getting that Italian vacation you’ve been dreaming of? If that’s the case, then there’s a very high probability that one of your stops will be in the picturesque city of Florence. Considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the Tuscan region and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, this city has much to offer. We’re not just talking about art, culture, and history, but it also has a plethora options when it comes to shopping! You heard it right! Florence has tons of boutiques, stores, open-air markets, and artisan shops, so the opportunities for a good shopping spree are endless. However, no self-respecting shopping champion would leave such a special place like Florence without picking up a fitting souvenir, right? While we associate Murano with glassware, and Burano with lace, Florence, too, has its quintessential goods. So if it really […]

Best Food Souvenirs from Italy

Some of the best souvenir shopping is in the small neighborhood alimentari shops, local grocery stores and in major Italian cities,  Eataly.  Here is our guide to the best food souvenirs from Italy Pocket Coffee It looks like a teensy tiny juice box, but it is filled with a shot of pure, brewed arabic espresso and chocolate.  Look for them at the cash register in bars or if you are on an Italian road trip at the Autogrill rest stops. Kinder Surprise This sweet treat was long banned in the United States because of the small toy prize inside.  During the summer there is a special version that is still in the iconic egg shape, but is eaten with a small, included spoon. Pasta is a great gift to bring back.  It is light and easy to pack.  Look for pasta from Gragnano, a small town in the mountains above […]

Shopping in Florence

Florence, the cradle of the renaissance, the city of art and architecture, the Medici’s and Da Vinci, is also a great place to shop.  Tour Italy Now shares some of our favorite boutiques and artisan workshops to go shopping in Florence. Lorenzo Villoresi Lorenzo Villoresi is an Italian perfumer who creates some of the most sought after scents in the world.  Working out of his family’s 16th century palazzo across the river river Arno from the center of Florence Inspired by travels to the middle east  and his Tuscan home, the ready to wear fragrances, cradles and home items have notes of black pepper and coriander as well as wild lavender and fennel.  For something truly unique and extravagant you can have a scent created just for you. There is a small Academy of the Art of Perfume in the palazzo; The world’s first interactive Atelier, dedicated to Essences and […]



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