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In Their Own Words: Notes from a Dolce Vita Tour of Italy

Tour Italy Now gets great feedback from customers who tour with us to Italy. You’ve probably seen the testimonials we run in the right-hand column of the website and also on our Testimonial Page. We recently received a detailed email from a couple from Mt. Sinai, New York. Lathika and Chandra Nair had taken the Dolce Vita Tour this past October, and sent along a lovely writeup of their activities, along with lovely photographs of some of Italy’s stunning attractions. We thought it would be fun to share their dispatch and a photo with the Tour Italy Now community. Many thanks to Lathika and Chandra Nair for taking the time to send their impressions and share the details of their tour of Italy with us. With no further ado, here are highlights from their trip, as relayed by Mrs. Nair. DAY 1 On the day we landed, we did a […]

Italy Tours: Totally Cool Virtual Tours of Rome, Florence, & Venice

There’s no tour of Italy like a real, honest-to-goodness, on-the-ground tour. But to get in the mood, it’s fun to take one of these virtual Italy tours, whether it’s a virtual tour of Rome, Florence or Venice. In fact the Internet is popping with virtual tours, as well as cinema verite or documentary-style tours of Italy. This set, apparently produced by the wonderful folks at Google, recently caught our eye; we liked them so much we added them to the Tour Italy Now website. They have a rollercoaster feel to them, as the “eye” dives from one monument to the next, but that makes it fun. The music is different in each one, too. As pairings go, the music accompanying the Florence tour seems to work best, but the Rome one is fun and Venice, well, who’s ready for a ride on a gondola? Taken together, each one is eyepopping […]