Tuscany Bicycle Tours

Do you love to bike through the countryside, seeing everything up close as you pass by? Enjoy the feel of the sun on your face and the breeze ruffling your hair? Relish the long chats and laughter that come with pedaling side by side as you explore roads previously untraveled?

Then you are sure to love the freedom and excitement of a bicycle tour in Tuscany. Italy offers incredible opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and if you’re an outdoors enthusiast, what better way to see the country than by touring on a bicycle?. We have Bike tours in Tuscany designed for everyone from weekend bikers to semi-pros.

If you like a challenge, you’ll love our bike tours exploring the twists and turns of Chianti in the Tuscany region of Italy. If you’re looking for a leisurely pace and a new place to visit, bike with us in the actual mountains of Tuscany. And if you would rather use your own two feet, we can help you find a hiking tour anywhere from the Alps to the hills of Campania.

Just imagine the thrill of biking in Tuscany! What are you waiting for? Whether you’re dreaming of a Tuscany bicycle tour or or even some quiet time hiking through Italy, our Tour Italy Now travel professionals will make your trip unforgettable.

Let us create a biking or hiking custom tour especially for you!