Transportation in Italy: How will you travel on your trip to Italy?

Whether you choose a customized tour of Italy or a Tour Italy Now escorted tour, you may need to address the issue of transportation within the country at one time or another. No problem! Italy is tourist-friendly and transportation in Italy is fairly easy to navigate.

Most foreign visitors will arrive in Italy by air. Italy’s airports are modern and markings are clear, making it easy to find your way from gate to gate or to baggage claim, taxi stands, or hotel and rental car shuttles. Fiumicino Airport in Rome and Malpensa Airport in Milan are usually the main arrival airports for those traveling to Italy by air from the U.S.

Like many European cities, Italy’s train system is excellent. Whether you’re traveling from city to city or within one particular destination on local trains, traversing Italy by train can be a delightful experience. A trip to Italy might include a ride on the Eurostar, the fastest, most direct train transportation in Italy, traveling between major cities. These trains are clean and comfortable and allow you to ride in style, even in second class.

If a visit to Sicily, Sardinia, or the Bay of Naples is part of your itinerary, you’ll also be exploring Italy by sea. Connections with the islands are abundant and available from many different cities, and you’ll find that the ferries and other modes of water transportation in Italy are a fun way to explore.

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