Virtual Italy Tour of Erice

A wonderful historic city situated at the top of Mount Erice. The city offers a breathtaking view of the city of Trapani, Punta del Saraceno, Capo San Vito and the Aegadian Island. The city traces its roots to the settlement of the Elyrir, an ancient Sicilian tribe and was known as Eryx. The city is the home of the remains of ancient Phoenician and Elymian walls. It also has the Pepoli Castle dating from the Saracen period and the Venus Castle from the Norman period. The town was famous in ancient times for a cult which worshipped Venus Ericina in her temple. Legend has it that the temple was created by Aenas. Aside from these, the city is the venue of scientific meetings at the Ettore Majorna center organized by astrophysicist Antonino Zichichi.

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