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We Eat, Breathe, Live Italy!


Dominic Siano, Founder of our Italy Tour companyWelcome to Tour Italy Now! I’m Dominic Siano, founder of Tour Italy Now, a pioneer in delivering Italy travel to clients looking for a no stress dream vacation to Italy.

I started Tour Italy Now in 2002. At the time, online choices for Italy travel information and bookings were pretty much limited to two options: large tour operators who offered escorted tours to Italy; or travel agents who often did not have a strong Italy travel specialization. If they did, they charged through the roof to share it with you. In those days, Italian travel was truly a segmented market. I wanted to offer, on one website, the full range of Italy travel experiences, from escorted tours for large and small groups to customized Italy travel packages for independent travelers wanting to plan more a personalized trip to Italy.

So I did. And, a decade later, we still do, with more Italy tours than ever and big plans for the future. As our many satisfied clients can attest, Tour Italy Now provides a unique mix of value, service, choice, passion and expertise. We only book Italy travel. In fact, we breathe, eat, live Italy travel. We help you choose the right Italy trip for you, then make that trip to Italy happen, down to the last detail.

As for me, I’m a first generation Italian-American. My parents are from Ischia, an island just south of Naples that also happens to be one of Italy’s most popular vacation spots. My mother’s family is from Barano; they came to the States when she was a teen. She met my father, whose family is from Casamicciola, in Ischia one summer when she was visiting family. After a transatlantic courtship of letters and occasional phone calls — no email or Skype in those days! — they married, came to the States and started a family.

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I grew up speaking Italian at home, in Connecticut, where Tour Italy Now is based, and visiting my family in Ischia. As a child, one of my favorite places to visit in Ischia was spiaggia dei maronti, or Maronti Beach, which to this day is still one of my favorite beaches in Italy. Those summers in Italy, Ischia was full of tourists. Nearly everyone in my family is connected to tourism. Literally everyone’s in the industry. I’ve got cousins who own hotels and restaurants. Some are tour guides. As a teen, I’d work in my cousins’ restaurants and my aunt’s hotels. It was terrific. They were always packed with tourists. My summers in Italy created some of my most cherished memories. From the hard work to the beach parties, I wouldn’t change a thing.

After college, where I studied marketing and technology, I got a job with General Electric, pretty far removed from Italy travel. Little did I know how the pieces would eventually come together. A few years later, GE bought a company that was based in of course Italy. I was transferred there. It was a dream come true. I’d always wanted to live in Italy. During my time there, my understanding of Italy grew even more, I learned more about the country’s culture and history and art. And of course, Italy’s wonderful food. I had this understanding before I went, but when you’re living, eating and breathing a place for a few years, you really get a deep feel for it. Of course I traveled as much as I could, to Naples, Rome, Florence, all over the country for business and pleasure. These were my very first Italy tour planning experiences!

When I returned to the States, friends started asking for advice about travel to Italy. Where to stay. What to see… and so on. One thing led to another. Soon I went from making suggestions for friends to booking travel for them and their friends and friends of their friends. I officially launched Tour Italy Now in 2002. Several years later I met a woman from Brazil. Priscila and I married in 2008. (Of course, we went to Italy, one of the most romantic places in the world, for our honeymoon). Priscila is now Tour Italy Now’s Sales Director, making us a family business.

Today, we are proud of where we’ve taken Tour Italy Now and where it’s going. We travel to Italy several times a year. We have great relationships with vendors throughout the country. Some of them are dear friends. We invite you to click around the website, and explore what Tour Italy Now has to offer in the way of Italy tours and other Italy travel options. Do not hesitate to call or send us a request if you have any questions.

Learn more about Tour Italy Now’s Core Beliefs & Priscila. We also invite you to get social with Tour Italy Now. Please visit our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and our blog. That’s where Priscila and I and Tour Italy Now’s contributing writers share our favorite place in the world with you — Italy!

As they love to say in Italy, Andiamo! We can’t wait to show you Italy!

Dominic & Priscila Siano