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Sweet Affairs: Upcoming Autumn Chocolate Festivals in Italy

chocolate festivals italy

We may have already previously mentioned that Italy in autumn is full of various food festivals that celebrate the local food and mostly feature the season’s harvests. These festivals can feature anything from pasta to potatoes, but in case you still weren’t convinced that this would be a great season for foodies to be in Italy, we’ll give you one more very compelling reason: CHOCOLATE.

We are happy to inform you that within the next couple of months, Italy will be hosting two of the biggest chocolate-themed events of the year that is a must-see event for chocolate-lovers from all over the world. So here’s more information on upcoming autumn chocolate festivals in Italy!

What: Eurochocolate 2014

Where: Perugia,Italy

When: October 17 to 26, 2014

eurochocolate perugia chocolate festival banner

An event that celebrates glorious chocolate, Eurochocolate will be held at Perugia’s city center and piazzas, including Piazza della Repubblica, Corso Vannucci, Via Fani, Piazza Italia, and at The Terrace of the Covered Market.

Having been first established in 1993 by the architect Eugene Guarducci, it has since grown into a much bigger event that has garnered international attention. During the event, many well-known local and international chocolate brands participate by holding lectures and exhibits, as well as chocolate-making demonstrations and lessons, and chocolate tastings (of course!). Various chocolate-themed snacks will also be on sale, as well as a large selection of items for people who wish to try their hand at cooking with chocolate such as bricks of cooking chocolate and chocolate molds. Other events include chocolate sculpting, chocolate displays, motorcycle rallies, and other street performances. There will also be live music, of course, especially since one of Eurochocolate’s partners is Umbria Jazz, a famous music festival.

eurochocolate perugia chocolate festival  demonstration

More importantly, in this year’s Eurochocolate celebrations, one of the key talks would be about the sustainability of the cocoa from which our beloved chocolate comes from. They have also partnered with the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization), various embassies, and Fairtrade Italy, and there will be a special section of the festival dedicated to the cocoa-producing countries of Peru , Colombia, Bolivia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Brazil, Venezuela , and the Ivory Coast .

eurochocolate perugia chocolate festival products

What: Cioccolatò, Turin Chocolate Festival

Where: Piazza San Carlo, Turin,Italy

When: November 21 to November 30, 2014

Turin chocolate festival banner

Have we mentioned that Turin happens to be Italy’s Chocolate Capital? And that they’re holding a chocolate festival, too? Well now you know, so you might want to include Torino in your itinerary if you’ll be visiting in the month of November!

Turin chocolate festival audience

The Turin Chocolate Festival is an annual event that features chocolate makers both from all over Italy as well as all over Europe. There will be myriads of types of chocolate for sale, and of course, free samples! Of particular focus during this festival, however, would be on the Piedmontese chocolate-making traditions, as well as artisanal products.

There will be chocolate-making demonstrations, exhibits, hands-on classes, lectures and discussions, as well as chocolate-related activities for kids!

Turin chocolate festival tram

Those are the two important chocolate festivals that are coming up, dedicated to all the people with sweettooths out there.

As a bonus, though, there IS one more events that is worth looking into. After all, chocolate is also particularly pleasant with nothing less than truffles.

What: International White Truffle of Alba Fair 2014

Where: Piazza San Carlo, Turin,Italy

When: October 11 to November 16, 2014

alba truffle festival banner

For truffle-lovers out there, Alba will be spending six weekends celebrating this beloved, delicious mushroom with tons of activities. The program will include truffle hunts, cooking classes, street markets, exhibits, guided tours, and chef demonstrations. There will also be concerts, vintage car shows, wine and cheese tastings, blind dinners (wherein diners enjoy their food in the dark or blindfolded in order to enhance their sense of taste and smell and truly enjoy the food’s flavors), parades, as well as various activities for children. For the more active participants, there will also be sports competitions (which may be a good idea, especially if you just came from Eurochocolate…) including a marathon race and a badminton cup!

alba truffle festival white truffles

So whether you want the ultimate foodie experience, or simply want a happy tummy, remember that this season, Italy is one of the best places to go to!

alba truffle festival audience

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