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Basilicata Italy | Potenza, Maratea, Matera

Basilicata Italy Basilicata Map

Major Cities in Basilicata:


Sandwiched between three other southern regions, Basilicata is often described as the in-step of Italy’s boot. The region boasts two coastlines – a very short one on the Tyrrhenian Sea and another on the Gulf of Taranto on the Ionian Sea. There are about 600,000 inhabitants in Basilicata Italy, spread out over its almost 4,000 square miles. It’s the most mountainous region in Italy, with almost 50 percent of its area covered by the southern Apennines. That means the region enjoys a variety of climates as well, from Mediterranean at the coasts to a continental climate in the mountains.

Wheat, potatoes, maize, olives, and grapes grow abundantly in the Basilicata region though there is plenty of industry as well including automotive manufacturing and energy companies.

For those who want to spend part of their Italy vacation in Basilicata, a trip to Pollino National Park is in order. Established just 20 years ago, this expansive park is the largest in the country, spread out over about 660 square miles and providing the opportunity to see innumerable species of plants, trees, and wildlife. In addition, however, Pollino National Park is home to several small towns that provide some notable archaeological sites as well as a few lovely cathedrals and other small architectural gems.

Also of note is the city of Matera, site of the Sassi di Matera (Stones of Matera). These are fascinating prehistoric cave dwellings; houses dug into the city’s tufa rock. Some of the structures are nothing more than a cavern but others are still used as homes for the mostly poverty-stricken residents of the city. However, recent interest in the dwellings and a push for tourists has helped bring some money to the city.

Italy visitors can also make a stop at Metaponto while touring the Basilicata region. It is home to the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Metapontum and also a stop where travelers can enjoy a quiet, powdery beach with little or no crowds present.