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Italy Travel Blog

Time for a Tour of the Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Vatican City

Located in Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel is one of the priceless treasures in the world. It is the site where the papal conclave takes place (the process for electing the Pope). Sistine Chapel is a part of the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope. Originally the chapel was called Cappella Magna. The foundation of the chapel was led between 1473 and 1481 by the famous architect Giovanni dei Dolci. It was named after Pope Sixtus IV, who played a significant role in its restoration. The famed Sistine Chapel is known for its series of frescoes that adorn the interior and designed by iconic Renaissance artists. All the paintings were completed in the year 1482. However, the chapel’s ceiling was painted in the early 16th century by one of the greatest painters, Michelangelo Buonarroti. It took the artist four years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. […]

Tour Italy Now’s Core Beliefs

Priscila in Italy | Tour Italy Now

Opened in 2002 and based in Connecticut, Tour Italy Now is recognized as one of Italy’s best tour operators. We specialize in Italy travel and aim at offering enriching travel experiences to millennials and gen Xers. Tour Italy Now offers escorted tours, hosted tours, as well as customized tours that are perfect for groups, families, and couples. We believe that choosing the right travel partner for your Italy tour forms the base of your experience. Our Core Beliefs Italy is not a destination but a passion. It is the kind of place where you should indulge in slow travel and make a deeper connection with the country and people. To know Italy better, you must visit the country not once but ideally multiple times. It will give you a new perspective and help improve your life. Italy is one of those countries that have a lot to teach the world. […]

Chowhound Italy Board: Where the Serious Foodies Hangout


Italy is not only known for its scenic vistas but it also wins for its gastronomical delights. This Mediterranean land boasts of countless delicacies, from sweet to savory and more. Getting a taste of the mouth-watering food during your sojourn often doubles the fun. Food also gives a deeper insight into the rich Italian culture with recipes being passed from one generation to the next. It feels great to gorge on Italian dishes in eateries away from the usual tourist spot. But how shall you find out all the relevant information when it comes to the food in this nation? Worry not, we have got you covered. Tour Italy Now brings to you the best of what is on the web. If you are a food enthusiast, planning a trip to Italy, there is no better place other than Chowhound Italy Board. It is an online website for finding out […]

The Tipping Point to Booking An Italy Tour

Italy Tour Package

With plenty of intimidating sights, Italy is one of the most incredible nations across the globe. This country has numerous highlights, from canals to cobblestone streets, architectural wonders, vineyards, cliffside hamlets and so on. It also allures visitors with delicious food, timeless museums, and extraordinary art. The country is packed with countless possibilities and that might overwhelm you. Every town in Italy, no matter how small, has a unique charm attached to it. Hence, discovering the riches of this nation is quite a task and hence we suggest a minimum of two weeks’ stay. The best way to plan a trip is to book through a recognized travel agency like Tour Italy Now. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, start with the big cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence. In case you are looking for a customized tour to Italy, it starts around USD 2500 per person […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Italy

Italy is known for its natural and manmade structures that look straight out of the postcard. With a population over six million, the heart of the Roman Empire has inspired legendary artists since ages. When we see pictures of Italy our heart skips a beat. It is a treasure trove of eminent wonders. From pristine beaches to tranquil lakes, cliffside towns and photogenic harbors, Italy have everything that can keep visitors happy for days. We take you through some of the most beautiful photos of Italy that will leave you with the desire to visit this gorgeous country. 1. Venice A trip to Venice is incomplete without a gondola ride along the Grand Canal. Gondolas are traditional Italian rowing boats that have remained the nation’s iconic symbol. This epic Italian photo takes you through the daily scenes in Venice. Two gondolas plying in the Venetian waterway amidst the spellbinding cityscape […]