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3 Important Tips for Appreciating Italian Architecture

Duomo (Church) on the Amalfi Coast

For its size, Italy has such a wealth of art that people from all over the world visit it to see these works. And by art, we’re not only referring to paintings and sculptures displayed in its museums. We’re also referring to its stunning architecture that basically has transformed entire cityscapes into outdoor galleries.

Just like other forms of art, you can better appreciate Italian architecture by learning more about it. But with the wealth of information out there, where do you start? Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. Get a basic understanding of Italian architectural styles.

From the ancient Roman style of architecture, to the Byzantine, Romanesque, Renaissance, Gothic, Neoclassical and eventually Modern architecture, Italy sure has them all. That’s why it’s helpful to learn more about these specific styles so you can properly identify them when you come across them—and understand the mindset of the architects that designed these marvels.

Besides, if your trip to Italy is going to revolve around seeing its architectural wonders, then it’s advisable to brush up on this topic to help you plan it. After all, certain cities are best known for specific architectural styles. For example, Florence is where you should go if you want a taste of the Renaissance, while Siena is your best bet if you want to see the Gothic.

2. Understand the historical context behind these structures.

Of course, to fully digest the meaning of an architectural style, you also need to learn about the history behind these styles. One good example is by looking at ancient Roman architecture—the many arches in the Roman Forum were built by emperors to commemorate specific victories in battle.

3. Know which details to look for and learn the terms to refer to them.

Now that you have a grasp of the basics, it’s time to go learn about the small things. By learning which parts of a building you should look out for, based on its architectural style, you can discover intricate details that you may not encounter at first glance.

Of course, you can easily get a backgrounder on these three tips with the help of a knowledgeable travel guide. That’s why getting one of our Italy travel packages is a must. These packages include escorted tours that will help you learn more about the town or city you’re visiting, whether it’s up north in Milan or down south in Sicily.

Are you also an architecture fan? What other tips can you share?

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By Priscila Siano (266 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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