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7 Reasons to Visit Italy in Autumn


With the arrival of the month of September, Italy’s summer season officially comes to a close and the country begins gearing up for autumn. From a traveler’s perspective, this period is considered as off-season, though we think that this label may be a little misleading as it makes it sound like nothing interesting happens in the country at this time and that it’s not particularly interesting to visit at the moment.

This sort of impression couldn’t be more wrong, of course, as the lovely country of Italy never ceases to provide visitors with new experiences, even as it puts on its fall colors. While summer may be a busy season, the hum of activity doesn’t really stop. It just changes flavor. So for those who are wondering why it might be worth taking that trip during the last few months of the year, here are seven awesome reasons to visit Italy in Autumn.

It is the season for truffles and wild mushrooms… and food in general

Black truffles cuneo italy

While summer has seen an abundance of fruits and vegetables that provide flavors that are meant to refresh you, in the autumn, this palette shifts, and the flavors start to get much earthier and richer. That means that during this time, truffles and mushrooms become the stars of the show, and people eagerly harvest them during the autumn, so that these delicacies can be dried and stored for the coming winter… though of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them now. For those who want to experience these quintessential autumn flavors, head to Alba for the truffle festivals and harvests, while those who would like to try freshly-picked porcini might want to hang around Tuscany at this time. You might also want to check the local calendar for other food festivals in the area, because those truffles are mushrooms are best eaten paired with other food, of course!

Italy food festival sagra sagre

Travel and walk without the heat of summer

Lucca Italy in autumn

One of the nicest things about Italy in early and mid-autumn would be the weather. At this time, the temperatures tend to settle into that Goldilocks range of just-right-ness, so it’s not as sweltering hot, but also not freezing cold. This means that unlike in the summer, it’s becomes perfectly fine to take nice, long walks without worrying about dehydration, or having to find shade and air-conditioning.

Finally visit tourist attractions and towns without the mile-long queues and claustrophobic crowds

Vatican Museum Rome Italy

As we’ve mentioned earlier, autumn is considered as an off-season, so a lot of people tend to (mistakenly) avoid visiting at this time. This, of course, translates to smaller or even non-existent queues at attractions and points of interest that would barely even have enough space to breathe in during the summer months. On top of that, it is possible to take your time browsing at museums and galleries to appreciate the displays more, since there won’t be a tidal wave of tourists to carry you away in the direction of the exit as their guides lead them along.

Take note, though, that the opening hours of a few attractions and museums at this time also tend to get shorter, and some may even close down for a period of time as they take the opportunity to perform maintenance on the facilities (and maybe also catch a breather for themselves) after the almost non-stop onslaught of visitors during the summer. So if you’re planning to head out, just make sure to give the schedules a quick check first.

Better deals on flights and hotels all around

Empty italy flight

Again, another byproduct of the off-season label, hotels and airlines tend to lower their rates at this time as a way to try to make up for the dip in the number of travelers. As a traveler, however, other possible and pleasant side effects of this phenomenon can include better seat options in the plane (because there aren’t as many people flying), better room selections at the hotel (ditto), and better chances for various upgrades and complimentary services (because the staff aren’t as stressed from having to care for much larger numbers of guests) .

italy hotels front desk

Italy is beautiful in her fall colors

Montalcino, Italy in autumn

You’ve probably already seen tons of photos and videos of the beautiful fall colors in Italy, and marveled at how dramatic it all looks… but we would be the first to tell you that photos and videos simply do not do it justice. It is something that must be seen up close and in person, in order for the depth of this beauty to be truly appreciated.

It is also the season for theater, opera, and other cultural events

Sancarlo Naples Opera house Italy

The fall season is the time when many theaters and performance groups put on their shows, and it also marks the opening of opera season, so keep an eye out for performance schedules at many of Italy’s major opera houses. On top of that autumn is also a time when there are many culture, music, and movie festivals to go to, some of which are even free!

Ischia italy film festival

Wine harvests

Valpolicella Italy vineyard wine

… Enough said. 😀

So remember, no matter what season it is, the beautiful country of Italy never runs out of things to offer.


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By Priscila Siano (266 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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