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8 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Blessed with a coastline of 7600 kilometers, Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pretty seaside hamlets, striking blue waters, glittering sand, and limestone cliffs, you will find everything here. These Italian beaches echo calmness and tranquility yet a cozy environment and the most exotic landscapes. Walking barefoot on the silvery sand and watching the waves splashing, soothes the mind and the soul.

Here is our list of the best beaches in Italy that will give you a holiday like never before.

1. Spiaggia Dei Conigli, Lampedusa

Spiaggia Dei Conigli, the most beautiful beach in Italy is commonly known as Rabbit Beach. Away from the stress of commercialization, this beach is located on the tiny island of Lampedusa (between Libya and Sicily). It boasts of the bluest waters blanketed with white sand and a rocky coastline. The contrasting landscape is the finest example of stark natural beauty and conjures amazing memories. The shallow water is brimming with thriving marine life that makes it apt for snorkeling. Go for a refreshing dip or spread a towel and bask in the sun, the choice is yours.

2. Cala Rossa, Sicily

The charming beach of Cala Rossa is often regarded as the best beach in Italy. It was named after the Punic Wars where many people died. It was known as the ‘Red Cove’ because of the bloodshed that took place on the spot. Cala Rossa lies on the island of Favignana in the Trapani Province of Sicily. You can either take a boat or hike a scenic trail to reach this spot. The bay of Cala Rossa is adorned with rocky formations and the setting is dramatic, to say the least. Cala Rossa is not the kind of place where you get the laidback beach vibe but the sandy seabed with crystal clear water offer excellent scuba diving opportunities.

3. Atrani, Campania

Atrani, Campania

Atrani, a hidden gem on the Amalfi Coast is a slice of heaven for people seeking peace and serenity. It has earned praises for being one of the best seaside towns in Italy. Atrani is a coastal fishing town and the majestic sight of the multi-colored houses rising out of the pancake-flat land is a beauty in itself. The beach of Atrani is an ideal retreat for couples and families alike where they can spend moments of tranquility with their loved ones. It will allure you with the scenic vistas in every direction. Sun loungers are spread across the beach where you can relax at your heart’s content away from the maddening crowd.

4. La Pelosa, Sardinia

Lying in Northwest Sardinia, the tropical beach of La Pelosa often tops the chart of Southern Italy beaches. La Pelosa is a natural paradise where travelers are rewarded with shallow waters and fine white sand. The water is crystal clear and will prompt you to go for a swim. The turquoise blue sea effortlessly blends with the neon blue sky and depicts sheer magnificence. With ancient towers surrounding the area, La Pelosa looks pretty lost in time. It is the kind of place where you would like to spread a blanket and just relax. Being one of the most popular beach destinations, La Pelosa is packed with bathers. Hence, it is advisable to reach early and grab a spot.

5. Cala Violina, Tuscany

Cala Violina, Tuscany

Set against a picturesque backdrop, Cala Violina flaunts the prettiest white sand beaches in Tuscany. It is nestled amidst Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve and can be reached on foot or riding a bicycle. Cala Violina is often referred to as the musical beach because of the pleasant sound it produces when visitors walk barefoot on the soft sand. The turquoise water lapped in pure white sand never fails to woo travelers. Hence, Cala Violina wins for being one of the best sandy beaches in Italy. The surreal image of the bluest waters combined with the white sand and verdant surrounding will prompt you to reconnect with your inner poet. It is advisable to go to Cala Violina early in the morning when the tourist influx is low.

6. Baia Blu, Liguria

Tucked in the spectacular town of Lerici, Baia Blu is a sublime beauty featuring rolling green hills, colorful houses, deep blue sea, and lush pine trees. This place is enveloped with steep rocks that shine brightly when the sunrays fall on them. Sunbeds are available on rent where you can lay down and admire the stunning views of the surrounding. There are two swimming pools filled with salt water where children and adults can have the best time of their lives. No wonder, Baia Blu Beach is the most beautiful place in Italy.

7. Scopello, Sicily

Scopello, Italy

With postcard-perfect views, Scopello is often regarded as the best beach town in Italy. This delightful hamlet is known for Tonnara Scopello, an ancient tuna fishing center that had its origin in the 13th century. Scopello also flaunts one of the most exquisite Sicilian beaches that look straight out of a fairytale. It is not a typical beach where you can sunbath laying on a blanket. But it is a great diving spot and the underwater world will leave you spellbound. Perched on a mountain, this pristine village is an unspoiled piece of land whose beauty has become legendary. The clear blue sea, traditional houses, and cozy restaurants make Scopello an extraordinary beach holiday destination in Italy.

8. Beach of Purity, Puglia

Nestled in the western coast of Salento Peninsula, Gallipoli boasts some of the prettiest beaches in Puglia. Beach of Purity is one of the most gorgeous beaches located in the historic town center. It is a vibrant place dotted with bars and restaurants where you can chill with your friends and family. This beach is surrounded by the city walls and offer immense photography opportunity. Beach of Purity is also reputed as one of the cleanest beaches in Salento and exudes an irresistible charm. The aqua waves brushing against the golden sand looks picture perfect and give visitors an experience worth remembering.

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