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Tour Italy Now Highlights from the New York Times Travel Show 2015

Tour Italy Now Highlights from the New York Times Travel Show 2015 Last January 25, Tour Italy Now had the privilege of joining one of the panels at the New York Times Travel Show 2015. It was a day filled with knowledge sharing as well as fun cultural exchange. Tour Italy Now’s founder and president, Dominic Siano, took part as one of the speakers there. In case you missed our Insider’s Italy panel at the New York Times Travel Show, then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve saved some of the highlights of Dominic Siano’s talk. As a subject matter expert, he shared some helpful tips on booking trips online, as well as imparted a wealth of knowledge to the audience about traveling around Italy. We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event and met with us personally. It was certainly a wonderful experience for us at Tour […]

Video: The Sights of Venice, Italy

Sights of Venice, Italy The small but renowned city of Venice is known by many names, including La Serenissima, or “The Most Serene,” as homage to the fact that stone palaces seemed to be dreamily floating on water. Meanwhile, to the locals, it is “Venezia”, while to many others still, it is the City of Water, the City of Bridges, or the City of Gondole because of its numerous canals, the bridges that span them, and the world-famous gondolas that ferry people over the city’s waters. Others still, call it the City of Lights as the streets and buildings light up after sunset, and many lovers all over the world know it as The World’s Most Romantic City. For those who are still wondering if they should visit this lovely city or not, we’ve put together a short video for you show you the beautiful sights of Venice in Italy. […]

How to Tour Venice

Inspired by the recent list of do’s and don’ts for tourists, compiled by the city of Venice, we here at Tour Italy Now have come up with a few insider tips of our own for how to tour Venice. “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go” Truman Capote With almost 20 million visitors a year, the watery city of Venice is one Italy’s most popular destinations. Venice can be confusing and crowded and even a little overwhelming. With our advice, you can make the most out of your visit to Venice. The city is known as La Serenissima, meaning The Most Serene Republic of Venice, recalling a time when Venice was a powerful, independent, city state. Sestieri: Venice is divided into six neighborhood districts called sestieri.. Each one has a different feel and flavor. San Marco is where most of the famous tourist sites […]


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