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Chowhound Italy Board: Where the Serious Foodies Hangout

Italy is not only known for its scenic vistas but it also wins for its gastronomical delights. This Mediterranean land boasts of countless delicacies, from sweet to savory and more. Getting a taste of the mouth-watering food during your sojourn often doubles the fun. Food also gives a deeper insight into the rich Italian culture with recipes being passed from one generation to the next.

It feels great to gorge on Italian dishes in eateries away from the usual tourist spot. But how shall you find out all the relevant information when it comes to the food in this nation? Worry not, we have got you covered. Tour Italy Now brings to you the best of what is on the web. If you are a food enthusiast, planning a trip to Italy, there is no better place other than Chowhound Italy Board. It is an online website for finding out utterly sumptuous food not only in Italy but around the world.

About Chowhound

Started in 1997 by Jim Leff, Chowhound is one of the oldest online communities where the serious foodies hang out. In the year 2006, he sold the website to The platform was relaunched with more features and a user-friendly interface in 2015. Long before the existence of social media, when there was not much information available on the internet, Chowhound came as a savior. The website provides reliable recommendations to its users on delicious dining across the globe. It also maintains consistent threads on different food and recipes for tourists as well as locals alike.

About Chowhound Italy Board


Chowhound Italy Board is an active online community that tells users where to find the best gelateria in Italy or which chefs can craft out the best pizza in the area. It is also a great place where people can discuss, debate or share food-related information. No wonder, Chowhound is one of the best resources for food lovers and comprises of knowledgeable contributors and experts. You can sign up to know more about restaurants, get tips on recipes and find recommendations on eateries frequented by locals.

I came across the Chowhound Italy Board while researching on the places to eat before my Italy trip. I had a great time clicking around the threads started by people asking about food and restaurant recommendations in big cities as well as smaller destinations. The coolest thing about Chowhound Italy Forum is that the community is so large that you can instantly get answers even when it comes to off the beaten tracks or small towns. The people who hang out on this community take food very seriously and this board are worth a look before you go for the ultimate dream vacation to Italy.

Pro-Tip: If you are interested in getting recommendations about exquisite Italian restaurants in the United States, you are welcome to check out Chowhound’s board for that locale.

Top Chowhound Italy Recommendations


The Italian capital boasts some of the finest restaurants specializing in classic dishes. If you want to taste the most authentic delicacies in the city, skip the tourist map and follow Chowhound Rome. Armando al Pantheon is an exquisite trattoria resting at a stone throw distance from the iconic Pantheon. It is a great place to have delicious Roman food accompanied by a fine selection of wine. Armando is tiny and reservation is recommended.

Da Cesare is another mind-blowing place to dine with your loved ones. It serves traditional Roman cuisine as well as excellent wines that satisfy the cravings of the diners. Da Cesare is often regarded as one of the famous restaurants in Italy. A few other hot dining spots include Tavernaccia da Bruno, Roscioli and Emma. Each of these places has its signature delicacies that are worth trying.


Surrounded by water on all sides, Venice is famous for its fish and seafood. The city is not just about one meal, but having great meals one after the other. Chowhound Italy recommends some of the best restaurants in Venice that are worth visiting. One of them is Trattoria Alla Fontana, known for its excellent ambiance as well as sumptuous pasta and seafood.

Another popular food joint in Venice is the Trattoria Alla Rampa where the locals love to eat. The menu is pocket-friendly and comprises of traditional Venetian dishes. Away from the touristy affair, Osteria Alla Frasca is a hidden gem in Cannaregio. This place is all about authentic Venetian cuisine teamed with rich and creamy coffee. Antiche Carampane is one of the most loved eateries in Venice. It serves the most exotic seafood delicacies and the friendly staff adds to its charm.


Florence is a vibrant Italian city and a slice of heaven for food lovers. Surrender yourself to the scrumptious Tuscan cuisine, the specialty of this region. Here is a list of food joints in Florence that are highly recommended by Chowhound Italy. Trattoria da Rocco, one of the best restaurants in Florence (Italy) serves seasonal Tuscan cuisine in a conventional setting.

Armando follows the hottest culinary trends and offers guests with authentic Tuscan food. Treat your taste buds with a plate of Bistecca Fiorentina when you are here. Another authentic place is the Cammillo Trattoria that serves home-style food and wins for its prompt service. It is one of the favorite food joints for the tourists as well as the locals, hence reservations are recommended to skip the queue.


The fashion capital of Italy never fails to disappoint tourists even when it comes to food. If you have a voracious appetite, this is the city where you should be. Trust us, the Milanese dishes are scintillating to the taste buds. Here is a list of recommendations by Chowhound Italy in Milan.

The tiny but largely popular Latteria di San Marco is one of the ideal places to try extraordinary Milanese creations. The menu changes daily and allows diners to experiment with their plates regularly. Al Porto is a fine dining restaurant that serves seafood specialties inspired by the beaches of Versilia. Highest quality ingredients are used in their cooking and they also ensure the freshest catch. Other reputed restaurants include Langosteria, Rigolo, and Alla Collina Pistoiese.

What are your favorite restaurants in Italy? Let us know in the comments below.

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