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Chowhound Italy Board: Where the Serious Foodies Hang

One thing we like to do at Tour Italy Now is bring you the best of what’s on the Web. For anyone who’s planning a trip to Italy, or dreaming about one, a great place for sussing out seriously delicious restaurants in Italy is Chowhound Italy Board. For the uninitiated, Chowhound is one of the oldest online communities. It was started in 1997 by Jim Leff. He sold it to in 2006. The site is grouped by locale and topic.

I stumbled upon the Chowhound Italy board the other day as I researched places to eat before my trip to Italy, and had a great time clicking around threads started by people asking about the best restaurants in Rome or Milan or Bologna or, an ever-popular topic, the best gelateria in Florence or some other city. Someone asked for a suggestion for a wedding gift, a gift certificate to a restaurant in Rome. The lucky couple is spending their honeymoon in Italy. The cool thing about Chowhound’s Italy Board is that the community is so large, you can ask a question about a small town, one off the beaten track, and get a response. These folks take food very seriously, and pooh-pooh recommendations from sites like TripAdvisor, who of course do not have as refined palettes as the Chowhound gang. So, take it all with a grain of salt. And if you’re so inclined, a glass of vino or Prosecco. Chowhound’s Italy Board is definitely worth a look before your trip to Italy.

One last thought: If you’re interested in getting recommendations for the best Italian restaurant in a U.S. city, go to Chowhound’s board for that locale.

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By Priscila Siano (265 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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