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Events in Italy

Summer Festivals in Italy 2019


Summer is finally here and we cannot stop grooving. Apart from the beautiful beaches, pretty promenades and the lush scenery, the summer festivals of Italy will rock your world. Here are 9 of our favorite Italian festivals that are one in a kind and you cannot afford to miss. Started in the year 2006, La Notte Rosa is one of the best summer festivals in Italy that occurs along the Adriatic Riviera. Usually, it starts on a Saturday in the month of July. This event is often known as the Pink Night and for fairly good reasons. The town of Rimini dazzles in pink lights and decorations to get in the vibe. La Notte Rosa invites people of all ages and the idea is to create a pleasant environment for women (hence it is pink). Bars and restaurants stay open till the wee hours, a midnight firework display is organized […]

Top 7 Cultural Celebrations and Festivals in Italy


Italy has a long list of enchanting festivals where Italians come together and celebrate. There is something or the other every month when the nation turns into a cultural feat. Over the years, these joyful events in Italy have become very popular and are a great way to experience its diverse culture. Whether you are a heritage buff, a food lover or an art connoisseur, these grand carnivals have something to offer everyone. Scroll down to read the list of our favorite events and festivals in this boot-shaped nation. Fair of Sant’Orso, Aosta Valley On 30th and 31st January, several craftsmen from Aosta Valley showcase their valuable work along the streets leading to the Town Centre of Aosta. The fine craftsmanship is a treat to the sore eyes. Look around for sculptures and wood inlays, soapstone, leather-working, wrought iron, casks, wooden ladders and more. Historically, this fair took place in […]

Four Italian Film Festivals in Autumn You Shouldn’t Miss

Italy during the autumn months is a wonderful place to be. The rolling landscapes will be taking on the golden colors of fall, and the temperatures are dropping to a comfortable range compared to the heat of the summer months. Not to mention, food will also be in abundance as the harvest season arrives, and there will be a large number of food festivals happening within the country at this time. Also rather abundant in autumn in Italy are film festivals. When it comes to film festivals, Italy is one place where you will find quite a few you can go to. The country hosts some of the biggest international film festivals in the world. Being able to attend one or more of these during the months of September to November is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. If you are into movies and would love to see some […]

Valentines Day in Italy

If you want to try something new for Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate it in Italy? Valentine’s Day in this country of romance is a big deal, and this is because the history of this particular holiday actually begins in Italy. This day of love comes from an old Roman Empire tradition and celebration in honor of Juno, the Roman Goddess of Women and Marriage.   Called Lupercalia in the old days, it was then changed to La Festa Degli Innamorati and Giorno di San Valentino in 496 AD by the church. This is a festival that also celebrates the day of the martyrdom of San Valentino, who was a bishop in Umbria. Why Saint Valentine for this day of love? There are many stories that tell of his secret weddings for couples who were otherwise restricted from marrying. Why Italy for Valentine’s Day? The question you should be asking […]

The 12 Must-Experience Festivals of Italy

When people ask “When is the best time to visit Italy?” The answer is never really that simple nor is the question one that is easy to answer. Italy is, after all, a country that you will want to visit at any time of the year. If you want to experience more than just the museums and the old structures that can be found all over the country, you will want to schedule your visit when there is a festival happening. When it comes to festivals however, Italy is also chock-full of celebrations that you can choose to enjoy with the locals. Every month of the entire year, you will find that Italians are celebrating one festival or another. You just need to know what specific date and where these festivals are to enjoy them with the locals. To help you out, and with so many festivities going on, we’ve […]

10 Best Springtime Festivals in Italy

Chocolate Festival in Turin

For a lot of people, spring is the best among the four seasons of the year. It’s when we shake off the winter freeze and embrace the freshness of rebirth. Across the world’s temperate regions, there’s not a single place that doesn’t look good at this time of year. Few places, however, are as much fun to be in as Italy is from March to May. With crisp weather, nature in full bloom and a renewed energy in the air, spring is ideal for visiting this lovely European nation. Seeing archaeological sites, appreciating works of art and tasting the wonderful cuisine is standard faire when visiting any Italian city, but what can make your stay even more memorable is participating in awesome festivals during the springtime months. Taking part in the celebrations is the fastest way to immerse yourself in Italian culture; it helps you appreciate the country and its […]

What You Should Know about Holy Week Traditions in Italy

Via Crucis

Any visitor in Italy during Holy Week would do well to know a bit about the rich traditions that surround this occasion. With Roman Catholicism being considered as the largest religion in the country in which the Vatican can also be found, a number of Holy Week traditions in Italy, from practices to rituals still prevail, particularly in the southern regions. The beginning of Holy Week is on Palm Sunday, and it lasts for the rest of the week up until Black Saturday, before ending in joyous Easter, or “Pasqua”, celebrations. Take note that the Monday right after Easter (“Pasquetta”) is also a holiday, so plan your trips accordingly. On Palm Sunday, the faithful normally flock to the churches where a mass and possibly processions are held. There are also baskets of olive branches and palms which are then blessed by the priest and are handed out to the congregation. […]

The Many Flavors of the Carnevale in Italy: Regional Versions

After the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the country of Italy’s next big party during the winter season would be the world-famous Carnevale, or Carnival. It is traditionally held as a final chance to have fun before the more somber Lenten season arrives, and it is also a goodbye to the cold months as people begin looking forward to spring. Though we often associate the Carnevale with just Venice, many cities and towns all over the country actually celebrate this holiday, each with their own unique twists and highlights. However, the biggest and most elaborate parties are at Venice, Viareggio, and Cento, so if you would like to join a bigger crowd, head to these cities. Some of the most popular Carnevale destinations are the following: Venice In the City of Bridges, the festivities tend to begin up to two weeks before the official date of the Carnevale. In the […]

Pasqua – Easter in Rome

Considered to be one of the biggest events in the Catholic liturgical calendar, Rome certainly comes alive during the week of Easter. Tens of thousands of pilgrims and visitors come to attend the religious celebrations and to hear mass being said by the Pope. The three days leading up to Easter Sunday (from Thursday until Saturday) are some of the busiest times of the year for the Catholic Church in Rome. There are several important dates and things to remember when visiting Rome during this time. Here are some helpful reminders to help you get through this religious event. Important Events in Easter The Easter week starts on the Sunday a week before Easter, also known as Palm Sunday. During this time, thousands of pilgrims greet the Pope with branches of olive or palm as a symbol of peace. These will be blessed by the Pope as he leads a […]

2017 Music Festivals in Italy That You Should Go To

Street musicians performing in Florence, Italy

Music and wine are just two things that Italy is famous for. And while an excess of the latter can become an issue, there’s nothing stopping you from immersing yourself in the musical bounty that Italy has to offer. This summer, there are various music festivals all across the country that you can attend and experience good music. Below is a list of some upcoming and ongoing festivals that you can still catch. Home Festival (Treviso) Currently on its 8th run, this is one of the more prominent music festivals in Northern Italy. It offers a very expansive line-up of both local and international artists. You can expect to see artists like Afterhous, Fedez, and Levante from the local side, as well as international names like Duran Duran, Moderat, and Liam Gallagher who will be playing at the festival. The event will be held at Zona Dogana in Treviso from […]