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Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Italy in Spring

Italy in Spring

Italy in Spring

No matter what time of the year it is, a visit to Italy is truly a magical experience. If you are visiting the country during your spring break, you are in for a treat. Visiting Italy at this time of the year is an excellent idea. Aside from the mild, variable weather and the ability to experience the country on a shoestring budget (something you definitely can’t do during peak seasons), you won’t have to contend with large crowds of tourists can explore the sights at your leisure.

Museums in Italy generally have two major exhibitions per year: one that opens in the fall from September until January, and another in the spring that runs from February up to June. This means that most places will have exhibitions in full swing by the time you arrive, and there will be plenty of art to enjoy.

Aside from art exhibits and the usual tourist routes that let you enjoy the many popular sites that Italy has to offer, the country also has a long list of festivals and events you can check out when you are there in spring. From March to June, you will find that Italy has a long list of celebrations, some nationwide and others celebrated in a few towns and cities only.

Events and Festivals in Spring

The dates when specific events and festivals happen may vary from one year to another, so you might want to determine when these events occur beforehand if you are planning on visiting Italy in Spring attending and experiencing any of these. One example of an annual event that changes the date when it occurs is the Festa del Mandorlo in Fiore, or the Festival of Almond Blossoms, which happens in Agrigento in Sicily. This happens every first to second week of March, so finding out ahead of time when exactly this festival happens will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Italy Flower Festival in Spring

Italy Flower Festival in Spring

Another event that happens in March in Italy, and is a national celebration, is the Feast Day of San Giuseppe. This happens on the same day of every year, unlike Carnevale that changes its date. March 19 is when this festival occurs and this is marked by pageants, bonfires, and other activities that help celebrate not only St. Joseph, but also fathers all across Italy. This day is also called Father’s Day in the country.

Also worth finding out more about is the Infiorata, which is a flower art festival that also happens every year in various parts of the country. This festival also has a changeable schedule, with different towns and cities celebrating it sometime between May and June. This is why it is best if you find out beforehand when these are set to happen in any given year.

The Infiorata is a sight to behold since it takes flowers (the sign of spring) and uses these as the medium for works of art that are “painted” on the streets. The artwork that you will find being made during this unique festival is first sketched in chalk and is then slowly filled in with a variety of flowers and petals in majestic colors. These are made by artists working together to get the piece done in as short a time as possible, usually in two or three days.

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