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Festive Italian Events in June

River Arno in Pisa

It’s time to look forward to another round of festivities and holidays as we close out another month. June is a time for outdoor celebrations and events, and Italy no stranger to these kinds of revelries.

Here are some of the festivals you can look forward to this June in Italy.

The Festa della Repubblica, also known as Republic Day, is held on June 2nd and is a national holiday that is celebrated all throughout the country. The biggest festivities for this can be found in Rome. The Feast of Saint John the Baptist or San Giovanni Batista is held on the 24th of June and is celebrated in many parts of Italy as well. Meanwhile, the Corpus Domini or Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated 60 days after Easter.

Infiorata Of Corpus DominiIn Rome, there is an outdoor evening mass at the cathedral of San Giovanni on Corpus Domini. It is followed by a procession led by the Pope himself from there to Santa Maria Maggiore. The town of Orvieto on the other hand holds a costumed procession participated in by over 400 people, while the streets are decorated with flowers and other gaiety. There are also massive celebrations held in Castelrotto in the Trentino-Alto Adige region. The Sunday after Corpus Domini is when Infiorata is held. Many towns in Italy put together spectacular flower displays, so do not miss out on that.

The Tuscan Sun Festival is a premier celebration of the arts that gathers several well-known artists and musicians for a week of art and music, cuisine, excellent and wine and wellness. It was previously held in Cortona, but the festival has since moved to Florence, Italy’s floating jewel.

On June 16, Pisa lights up on the Luminara of Saint Ranieri, the eve of the feast day of Saint Ranieri for which it’s named for. The Arno River and the buildings that line its shores are brought to life with the flames of 70,000 lumini, or small glass candle holders, bathing the city in a warm, beautiful glow. The next day, 17th of June, marks the historic Regatta of Saint Ranieri. Four boats from each of Pisa’s districts compete in a thrilling boat race against the Arno’s strong currents. In order to win, one boat must reach the finish line, then one of its riders have to climb up a 25-foot rope in order to obtain the victory flag.

As mentioned before, the feast of San Giovanni Batista is a big deal in Italy and it’s celebrated widely. On Lake Como, celebrants float hundreds of tiny lamps on the surface of the water and the festivities culminate in an awesome fireworks display in the evening. There is also a boat parade featuring traditional watercraft decorated with flowers as well as dancing and flag throwing.

View Of Como - Italy

In Florence, the festival is celebrated with a medieval tournament followed by a fireworks show in the evening and a palio of rowboats carrying lit candles on the Arno.

Finally, Fabriano, a town in Italy’s Marche region, honors its patron saint with an infiorata, as well as medieval competitions, period costumes, drinking and widespread feasting.

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