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Italian Gelato – Italy’s Frozen Wonder

Frozen Treat, Italy

You aren’t in Italy if you haven’t tasted the soul-soothing, authentic and flavorful gelato. The nation’s frozen wonder has a history dating back to the 16th century when a Florentine boy named Bernado served his creation at a ceremony organized by the iconic Medici family. Today, this delectable treat is synonymous with Italy. The creamy texture and intense flavors with a pinch of fresh ingredients (hazelnuts, apricots and more) have made Italian gelati popular in the world.

With countless gelaterias scattered across the nation, it is often hard work to find the best amongst all. To make it easy for you, here is our comprehensive guide to finding the perfect scoop of Italian gelato. Scroll down and keep reading!

Difference between Ice Cream & Gelato

Gelati are often regarded as Italian ice creams, which is not completely true. The only similarity they have is that both of these frozen treats are made from cream, milk, and sugar. But gelati contain a higher proportion of milk whereas ice creams have more cream in them. Also, ice creams contain egg yolks that gelati don’t. The serving temperature also varies. Gelati are served at a warmer temperature when compared to ice creams.

10 Best Gelaterias in Italy

Authentic Gelato, Italy

  1. Gelato San Lorenzo, Rome
  2. Within a short period, Gelato San Lorenzo has earned accolades for its delightful frozen wonders. The gelati offered by them ensures highest quality standards sprinkled with seasonal ingredients. Some of the exotic flavors are Ricotta Anise, Honey Walnut and Pineapple Rosemary. The best part is their mixture has 25% less sugar when compared to other gelati. The nuts, honey, and fruits add sweetness on their own.

  3. Gelateria I Caruso, Rome
  4. Have you ever fantasized about watching a gelato that is being prepared for you? If yes, Gelateria I Caruso is the place where you should head to. Here, you can observe the entire process through a window and watch the fresh ingredients churn in front of your eyes. If you are looking for more, they will top the gelato with a dollop of cream that is delicious to taste.

  5. Rivareno, Florence
  6. Rivareno is consistently ranked for serving the best gelato in the city. The creamy treats range from classics to flavor combinations. All the ingredients are fresh and you can get a glimpse of the machines that are being used in the shop. During summer months, Rivareno remains open till late at night.

  7. Casa Infante, Naples
  8. Italian Gelato, Italy
    Tucked in the bustling Via Toledo, Casa Infante takes pride with its creamy and thick gelati made from organic eggs and seasonal ingredients. They specialize in unique flavors namely Apricot Cake (made using ripe apricots) as well as White Fig and Ricotta (ricotta and caramelized fig mixed together). Also, the gelati get served inside a brioche.

  9. La Sorbetteria Castiglione, Bologna
  10. Opened in 1994, La Sorbetteria Castiglione serves some of the classic flavors namely Cioccolato, Pistacchio, Bacio and more. Their stand out the flavor, Dolce Emma is the major crowd puller. Lemon and caramelized fig tucked inside a smooth ricotta gelato indeed tastes heavenly. For a lighter option, you can go for the seasonal fruit sorbets.

  11. Alberto Marchetti, Turin
  12. Alberto Marchetti is reputed as the best gelateria in Turin where the locals flock. The unique thing about the shop is that the gelato is served within 24 hours of it being made. Alberto takes pride in using the freshest ingredients with the highest quality standards. Also, the ingredient list for each of the flavors is published on their website. The gelati served are relatively cheaper and tastes amazing. Farina Bona and Fior di Latte are the most loved flavors.

  13. Vivoli, Florence
  14. Opened in 1929, Vivoli is the oldest as well as one of the best gelaterias in the city. The melt in the mouth gelati are super smooth, creamy and velvety. Some of the most delightful flavors include Cassata (dried fruits or fruit) and Millefoglie (the Italian version of napoleon pastry). Both of these are exceptionally awesome and a must-try.

  15. Suso, Venice
  16. Suso is one of the most popular gelaterias in Venice. The gelati served are made locally and do not contain artificial colors. They have a wide selection of vegan gelati including Amerena Cherry, Dark Chocolate and more. Also, vegan and gluten-free cones are available on request.

  17. Gelateria del Gracchi, Rome
  18. Gelateria del Gracchi with four outlets across the city is reputed for serving some of the most exotic gelati in Rome. Alberto Manassei, the founder of the gelateria makes sure that the sweet treats served are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats, and dyes. The super creamy gelati with rich texture and intense flavors are skilfully prepared and please every customer. The nut flavors are extraordinary particularly Pistacchio, Hazelnut, and Almond.

  19. La Gelateria della Musica, Milan

La Gelateria della Musica aims at offering customers with a cozy, musical ambiance that relaxes the mind and soothes the soul. Live musical performances are common along with the delectable frozen treats. Some of the authentic flavors are even inspired by popular songs that are played here. Basil Lemon, Bronte Pistacchio as well as Bread, Butter and Jam are worth trying.

Tips to find the best gelaterias in town

Gelato, Italy

  • Find shops where the gelato is placed in round-shaped metal tins with a lid. The lid ensures that the item is stored at the correct temperature and the outlet doesn’t lure customers with vibrant colors
  • Look for gelaterias that serve seasonal fruit flavors. You would not want to go to a shop that offers pear in the summer and watermelon in winter
  • Avoid shops that serve the gelato with a scoop and not a flat paddle. Paddle or spatula softens the gelato and works wonders. On the contrary, scoop makes the mixture stiffer and the texture less creamy
  • Always remember, good quality gelati will contain a higher proportion of fresh and natural ingredients. Hence, it is necessary to avoid bright colored gelati that contain added colors and preservatives
  • Good gelaterias will always post their ingredient list in a visible spot accessible to the customers. Consider the list of ingredients before grabbing a gelato
  • Let us known in the comments which one is your favorite?

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