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Top Hot Springs in Tuscany and Lazio for 2020

Hot Water Spring, Tuscany

Italy, particularly Tuscany and Lazio are enriched with hot water springs loaded with minerals. These miraculous springs are the jewels in the crown of Italy. They have medicinal properties, hence used by the people since ancient times to cure skin related diseases. These thermal baths are the perfect place to pamper yourself and gives you a rejuvenating vacation at any time of the year.

Here are some of our favorites in Tuscany and Lazio.

Montecatini Terme

Often regarded as one of the largest spa towns in Italy, Montecatini Terme is a treasure trove of thermal centers. The thermal waters found here are apt for both drinking and spa treatments. The thermal baths have a history dating back to the centuries. These natural springs boast an idyllic setting overlooking the green meadows that you cannot afford to miss. Most of the thermal spas remain open throughout the year, except a few that are closed during the winter months. Mud baths are considered therapeutic and often helps in healing respiratory disorders. Other popular therapies include spring water inhalation, physiotherapy, hydropathic treatment, as well as several massage and beauty treatments.

San Filippo

The hot springs at San Filippo are beautiful and engrave a picturesque frame in mind. The intimidating sight of the calcium formations filled with milky white sulfurous water will delight your senses. These pools can be reached after walking along a well-maintained path. And the best part is they are completely free of cost. The hot springs that are located close to the roads are usually shallow and are unable to maintain the temperature for long. Hence, it is always a better idea to walk further into the woods.

White Whale

As the name suggests, this hot water spring has a resemblance to the mouth of a whale. The water is warm at 48 degrees Celsius and allows you to take a refreshing bath even during fall and winter. The delicate calcium formations look impressively beautiful and you are not allowed to walk over it. The water spurges from the ground and often change its course. As a result, the formations keep on changing its shape and color. New pools have been created right below this waterfall that collects the warm water from White Whale. These pools are rich in thermal deposits and an excellent way to treat your face and skin.

Bagno Vignoni

The Italian hamlet of Bagno Vignoni boasts a huge thermal pool in the main square but it is not possible to jump in there. Look around for Parco dei Mulini for a relaxing bath that is just a few steps away. The thermal baths in this region were popular since the time of the Etruscan as well as the Romans. The water is enriched with bicarbonate-sulfate and flows out at 49 degrees Celsius. The thermal waters in this region are known for their miraculously curative properties. This historic spa town was frequented by iconic figures namely Pope Pius II, Lorenzo, and Saint Catherine in the ancient past.


Saturnia, Tuscany

Nestled in the south of Tuscany, Saturnia is one of Italy’s best-kept secret. This enticing thermal spot is snuggled amidst dramatic landscapes enclosed in vineyards and olive orchards. The warm water has a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius and is filled with rich minerals such as calcium, sulfur, and carbon. In the bygone era, people believed that these hot water springs were gifts from God because of the healing properties they have. Apart from the wellness and spa centers in Saturnia, two free waterfalls are also provided. Cascate del Gorello and Cascate del Mulino are made of natural hot water springs and are open to the public throughout the year.


The baths of Bullicame forms the heart of Viterbo in the Lazio region. In the past, Nicholas V, the third pope was so impressed by the healing properties of the thermal bath that he built an enchanting palace here. The Bullicame spring with its precious sulfate deposit and 58 degrees Celsius water is highly appreciated by people across the globe. There is a 2000-meters massive pool that is fed by the hot water of Bullicame. This water has various therapeutic applications to cure skin-related problems, dysmetabolic diseases and other chronic disturbances.

Terme dei Papi

Located very close to Rome, Terme dei Papi flaunts a monumental pool filled with sulfurous water where you can treat yourself with invigorating massage and mud baths. The thermal bath has a volcanic origin and hence the temperature is at 58 degrees Celsius. Terme dei Papi is synonymous to health and well-being and is known for its immense historical significance. This natural bath is affiliated under the National Health Service and offer visitors the best spa treatments possible.

Terme della Ficoncella

Named after a fig tree, the giant complex of Terme della Ficoncella has five mineral-rich pools that cure joint and skin ailments. Each of the pools has different temperature levels with the hottest being at 60 degrees Celsius. The spa pools are managed by a governing body that charges a small fee and in return, you can access the changing room camping area and the bar. Terme della Ficoncella was highly valued in ancient times and was used as an alternative to the legendary Baths of Trajan. Very close to this miraculous spring, lie the ruins of Aquae Tauri, an Etruscan settlement. This region flaunts the remnants of a glorious past.

Some Useful Tips to Enjoy Springs in Tuscany and Lazio

Hot Water Spring, Italy

  • Carry a flip-flop and a robe for the wild and rustic pools
  • Get into the pool early when the changing rooms are empty and the water is calm
  • Come prepared with sunglasses and sunscreens
  • Try to wear an old bathing suit, some of the pools have a strong smell
  • Bring an extra pair of cloth
  • Check the local spa outlets to shop for the natural water and mud to bring back home
  • For a more relaxing experience, rent deck chairs at the spa complex

Talk to a travel expert to start planning the perfect vacation to Italy.

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