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Italian Food & Wine

Chowhound Italy Board: Where the Serious Foodies Hangout


Italy is not only known for its scenic vistas but it also wins for its gastronomical delights. This Mediterranean land boasts of countless delicacies, from sweet to savory and more. Getting a taste of the mouth-watering food during your sojourn often doubles the fun. Food also gives a deeper insight into the rich Italian culture with recipes being passed from one generation to the next. It feels great to gorge on Italian dishes in eateries away from the usual tourist spot. But how shall you find out all the relevant information when it comes to the food in this nation? Worry not, we have got you covered. Tour Italy Now brings to you the best of what is on the web. If you are a food enthusiast, planning a trip to Italy, there is no better place other than Chowhound Italy Board. It is an online website for finding out […]

Facts About Italian Wine & Wine Regions

Wine bottles

Italy and wine are synonymous to one another. The nation boasts over 18 wine-making regions that produce over 350 varieties. Hence, the complexities involved in viticulture are interesting and overwhelming. According to a survey, Italy has earned the title of the best country for wine lovers across the globe. Some of the excellent wines that are from Italy include Amarone, Barolo, Abruzzo, Barbaresco and so on. The country also flaunts over 10 wine roads that look like the stuff of dream for oenophiles. If you are wondering where to start from, we have put up a guide to help you know the wine region better. History With a wine history that goes back to 4000 years, Italy has earned accolades for being the largest wine-making country across the globe. When the Greeks came to Southern Italy, grape cultivation was a very common sight. Thus, they named it Oenotria (land of […]

Italian Gelato – Italy’s Frozen Wonder

Frozen Treat, Italy

You aren’t in Italy if you haven’t tasted the soul-soothing, authentic and flavorful gelato. The nation’s frozen wonder has a history dating back to the 16th century when a Florentine boy named Bernado served his creation at a ceremony organized by the iconic Medici family. Today, this delectable treat is synonymous with Italy. The creamy texture and intense flavors with a pinch of fresh ingredients (hazelnuts, apricots and more) have made Italian gelati popular in the world. With countless gelaterias scattered across the nation, it is often hard work to find the best amongst all. To make it easy for you, here is our comprehensive guide to finding the perfect scoop of Italian gelato. Scroll down and keep reading! Difference between Ice Cream & Gelato Gelati are often regarded as Italian ice creams, which is not completely true. The only similarity they have is that both of these frozen treats […]

A Guide to Italy’s Top Wine Regions & Tours

Group Wine Tour | Tour Italy Now

Italy is the home to some of the best wine-producing regions in the world. With its wine-making traditions dating back to the centuries, food and wine play a very integral role in every Italian meal. The country boasts over 500 wine varietals that are grown in every region. The boot-shaped peninsula is a leader in wine consumption and often competes with France who is one of the top producers of wine across the globe. Hence, a wine holiday in Italy is a must. Here are a few resources that will help you to explore Italian wineries like a boss! Determine what kind of tour you prefer Before you are planning for a wine tour in Italy, it is important to determine how much time you have and which all regions you are willing to explore. Then you need to look into the budget and what kind of wine tour interests […]

Top 8 Tips on How to Eat Like an Italian


Italy is a gastronomic paradise that never fails to impress globetrotters. The fresh ingredients and the distinct flavors come together to create a plethora of scrumptious food that is synonymous to the Italian culture. What a layman doesn’t know is that not all the Italian delicacies served in the United States are authentic. They are Americanized variants inspired by Italy but play by their own rules. Each of the regions boasts its own unique cuisine, hence there is no such thing as Italian food. It is the name given by people living outside the country. When you are here, make sure to delve into the finest Italian dishes the Italian way. Whichever city you visit, you will notice that food and eating plays an integral part of their culture. The people in this country take food very seriously and love enjoying the simple pleasures of life. For instance, the capital […]

Taste of Summer: Quintessential Italian Summer Food

With the arrival of summer in Italy, there are many things that make the change in seasons particularly obvious. The temperature changes from cool to hot, the general pace of life in the country slows down as everybody’s mood shifts to one that is more relaxed, and people look forward to some well-deserved days (or weeks) of rest, recreation, and vacation, of course. In Italy, however, a country that passionately loves its food, this shift is also reflected in every meal and table, and the heavier and warmer winter food is replaced by the considerably lighter summer dishes. One of the main points of difference between winter and summer fare would be the method of preparation, because while winter dishes are more often than not boiled or stewed, summer dishes tend to be quicker and easier to prepare. This can be mostly attributed to the fact that nobody wants to […]

The Best Gelato in Italy


How do you find the best gelato in Italy? Come with us and see!. The writings of Pliny the Elder from over 2,000 years ago talk about a sweet dessert made from snow collected from the mountains, brought to Rome and mixed with crushed fruit for a sweet, cold dessert… The name gelato is derived from the Italian word, gelare, which means to freeze. In Italy an ice cream shop is known as a gelateria. While the two words gelato and ice cream are sometimes used interchangeably they are not quite the same thing. Italian gelato is denser with less air incorporated into it and it has a lower fat content. Gelato is also served at a higher temperature than ice cream. Italians take their gelato pretty seriously. There is even a Gelato University in the town of Anzola dell’Emilia, near Bologna where you can take courses on how to make […]

Italian Pizzerias 101: How to Order a Pizza in Italy

It may sound like a simple enough thing, but it has to be noted that though the wonderful, delicious pizza has become very common outside of Italy, when you’re in the motherland, it does tend to be quite different (kind of like when it comes to coffee, but that’s another story). So for people who plan to tour Italy or have their Italy vacation soon, if you want the authentic stuff, here’s a short primer on how to order a pizza in Italy! Selecting Your Pizzeria Pizzerias are of course quite ubiquitous, but be aware that true Italian ones may still require a bit of seeking out as a lot of them tend to be run by foreigners or immigrants as well. While they can also make tasty pizza, it’s not quite as authentic, and you may end up missing out on a unique food experience. One of the first […]

What is Italian Food?

  What is Italian Food? To answer that question, let me start with a story.  An American was visiting Rome recently and ordered a plate of spaghetti alle vongole, a dish he thought he was familiar with. It’s spaghetti in clam sauce, right?. His food arrived and he started to dig in, but he felt like something was missing, so he called the waitress back and asked for some parmesan cheese. Her face fell and she snapped “no” at the bewildered American and she headed back towards the kitchen. What happened here?  This American, one that had grown up with an with an Italian grandmother even, had broken a very important Italian food rule. No cheese with fish. So what is Italian food?  Chicken Parm?  Spaghetti & Meatballs? The answer starts with that there really isn’t something called “Italian Food.” Italy did not become a unified country until 1861. What you will […]

10 Facts About Italian Gelato That You Ought To Know

On a hot summer day in Italy, nothing tastes quite as divine as a cold, sweet scoop of gelato. As one of the Italian food inventions that are loved all over the world, gelato actually has a history as diverse as the colors and flavors that it comes in. Here are just ten facts about gelato that you ought to know! The word “gelato” means “frozen” or “to freeze” in Italian. A gelato vendor is known as a “gelatai”. Gelato is made from fruit, sugar, and milk, and traditionally hails from Northern Italy. When you remove the milk and use water instead, you end up with a sorbetto which is a southern product. Gelato isn’t actually frozen as we normally know it, and compared to normal ice cream which is stored at 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, is actually required to be kept at a slightly warmer temperature of 10-15 […]