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Italy Honeymoon

8 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Atrani, Campania

Blessed with a coastline of 7600 kilometers, Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pretty seaside hamlets, striking blue waters, glittering sand, and limestone cliffs, you will find everything here. These Italian beaches echo calmness and tranquility yet a cozy environment and the most exotic landscapes. Walking barefoot on the silvery sand and watching the waves splashing, soothes the mind and the soul. Here is our list of the best beaches in Italy that will give you a holiday like never before. 1. Spiaggia Dei Conigli, Lampedusa Spiaggia Dei Conigli, the most beautiful beach in Italy is commonly known as Rabbit Beach. Away from the stress of commercialization, this beach is located on the tiny island of Lampedusa (between Libya and Sicily). It boasts of the bluest waters blanketed with white sand and a rocky coastline. The contrasting landscape is the finest example of stark natural […]

8 Best Honeymoon Destinations for a Romantic Trip to Italy

Honeymoon-Destinations-in-Italy | Tour Italy Now

Honeymoon is all about newlyweds starting a new life. And there is no better honeymoon destination on earth other than Italy that can satiate your longing. This European nation is blessed with ornate cityscapes, magnificent architecture, idyllic coastlines, and alluring highlands. Hence, Italy has a lot to offer couples with varying taste and interest. Take a gondola-ride, get lost in the vineyards, discover the timeless castles, explore the art galleries and the possibilities are endless. No wonder, this boot-shaped peninsula offer such experiences that you will relish for a lifetime. Here is a roundup of the 8 unforgettable honeymoon destinations where you can go on a romantic voyage with your spouse. Rome The capital city of Rome is a beautiful amalgamation of old and new. It flaunts ancient ruins having a history dating back to the centuries. What could be better than visiting this wonderful city as a couple? Walk […]

Top Five Wedding Spots in Italy

Many couples dream of having a romantic European wedding and what better place to have one than in Italy. The country is filled with so many ideal wedding venues that it can be difficult to choose where you would want to hold the wedding. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down the list to five of our favorite wedding spots that you can choose from. Venice Nothing says romance better than a wedding at the famed City of Bridges. There are many picture perfect spots in Venice where you can take magnificent photo ops with your significant other. Taking a gondola ride down the Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge in the background is a common part of many wedding couple’s agenda. The Palazzo Cavalli is a very popular place to hold civil wedding ceremonies, with its formal and elegant staircase as the ideal location. Venice also has many different churches, synagogues and […]

Romantic Getaways for Honeymooners in Italy

Did you know that there are over 100 ways to say “I love you” in Italian? In some parts of Europe, it’s said that a visit to Italy can save even the biggest relationship crises. Previous visitors can all agree that most Italian cities are so breathtaking, it can make even the coldest of hearts and the hardest of heads forget any negative feelings or thoughts. From the romantic canals of Venice to the magnificence of the Italian capital, Rome, there’s something for every couple, be they young or old, adventurous or laidback. Here’s our guide to the most romantic getaways in Italy. Tuscany is the backdrop that’s served as the inspiration for many a famous Italian artist. The city’s natural beauty holds great appeal for those who wish to escape their fast-paced, urban lives for a while. Montepulciano is an excellent choice for couples with its Medieval and Renaissance vibe […]

Five Picture-Perfect Places for Wedding Proposals in Italy

Whenever we try to associate places with love and romance, one of the top locations that people will always mention would be the beautiful country of Italy. And who could blame them? With its wonderful climate, its rolling countryside, its gorgeous coastlines, and its vivid history and culture, it is the perfect backdrop for many romantic moments (and of course, there’s the fact that the famous Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck romantic comedy movie, Roman Holiday, featured the city of Rome). With all of these factors combined, it comes as no surprise that a great number of visitors to Italy every year are couples who are there to get married, or are honeymooners. However, there are also those visitors who arrive with the intention of beginning their own romantic adventure, or in other words, they come to Italy to propose to the love of their life. Of course, with an […]

Weddings in Tuscany: All You Need to Know

agriturismo in Tuscany

Located at the heart of Italy, Tuscany is a gorgeous region best known for its rolling landscape, sprawling wine estates and a strong cultural identity. It’s so historically and culturally distinct, in fact, that tourists tend to refer to it as a “nation within a nation.” As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, this region is defined by its iconic artwork, its massive wine industry and its medieval architecture. It’s also home to exquisite cities such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena – all of which are known the world over. With all these elements coming together, it’s not a surprise that Tuscany is one of the top tourist destinations in all of Italy. Each year, around two million people come to this region for its art, wine, cuisine and natural beauty. A significant portion of tourists prefer to have their weddings in Tuscany. Yes, the region is one of […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding in Italy

Italian church

A wedding is one of the most important days in two people’s lives. It’s that special occasion when you give your most solemn and loving vows to your special someone in front of everyone who has ever mattered to you. Having said that, it’s no wonder that couples go to great lengths to have that one perfect day where everything is beautiful. Of course, making everything beautiful involves choosing the perfect backdrop for your wedding. For those who can afford it, a wedding abroad can more than justify the costs of flying everyone over great distances for a truly special time. Whether it’s the beaches of the Bahamas, the cherry blossom-filled streets of Japan or the great Australian outdoors, an out-of-country wedding guarantees indelible memories for lovers, their families and their friends. However, since most people only get married once, choosing the best location becomes a real dilemma when it […]

Italy Weddings: Tour Italy Now Welcomes New Partner for Destination Weddings in Italy

Tour Italy Now is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with Art of Perfect Events, professionals who are expert in planning Italy weddings. This partnership means that we are now able to offer destination weddings in Italy. Tour Italy Now brings to the mix ten years of experience as a leading U.S.-based online tour operator specializing in travel to Italy. With our deep knowledge of Italy and its many splendors, cuisine, culture, locales and venues, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that you and your guests have an outstanding experience from beginning to end. Based in New York City and run by two rising stars in the wedding-planning world, Art of Perfection Events is a perfect partner for Tour Italy Now to begin this exciting new era of destination weddings and event offerings. Let yourself be seduced by the idea of the most romantic, unforgettable wedding […]