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Italian Opera Singers, Past and Present

I got an email from the Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park folks this week. I signed up even though I’m not sure I can get up to New York City for the event on September 15. (If you’re interested, sign up for email notices so you can get ticket information.)

The email got me thinking about great Italian opera singers, like the late great Luciano Pavarotti. Oh, I wish I could have seen him perform live! The Andrea Bocelli email also got me wondering about a singer named Giorgio Tozzi, a U.S.-born Italian-American who passed away late last month at age 88. Apparently, he was a huge star in his day, with Broadway performances and recording engagements under his belt, enough of a personality to merit a New York Times obituary.

I must confess, I’d never heard of him. Why not? Maybe some of you in the Tour Italy Now community have, perhaps a grandparent had his records or was a fan? Either way, the truth of the matter is that we are as a culture segregated by the years, closed off by the generations. Which on some levels makes no sense, especially in the age of the Internet. Yes, each generation requires stars and heros to call its own. But to remain isolated in the confines of our demographic, when there’s a rich universe of talent and discovery beyond, well, that seems narrow. And it makes no sense if we love travel, especially Italy travel, because if any country spans the generations, it’s Italy. And when it comes to music, we know how Italians can sing!

With that in mind, here are clips of Andrea Bocelli, Luciano and, that man of yesteryear, Giorgio, to take you into the weekend.

Yours in celebrating Italy,
Barbara Fellini

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