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Italy Travel

8 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Atrani, Campania

Blessed with a coastline of 7600 kilometers, Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pretty seaside hamlets, striking blue waters, glittering sand, and limestone cliffs, you will find everything here. These Italian beaches echo calmness and tranquility yet a cozy environment and the most exotic landscapes. Walking barefoot on the silvery sand and watching the waves splashing, soothes the mind and the soul. Here is our list of the best beaches in Italy that will give you a holiday like never before. 1. Spiaggia Dei Conigli, Lampedusa Spiaggia Dei Conigli, the most beautiful beach in Italy is commonly known as Rabbit Beach. Away from the stress of commercialization, this beach is located on the tiny island of Lampedusa (between Libya and Sicily). It boasts of the bluest waters blanketed with white sand and a rocky coastline. The contrasting landscape is the finest example of stark natural […]

Why Learning Italian Language Before Planning Italy Travel is Great?


Traveling to Italy after learning the Italian language is one of the great joys in life. It allows you to immerse in the culture and feel like a local in a new country. The best part is whenever you are navigating the streets of Rome on a Vespa or exploring a quaint hill town on foot; your language skill will enhance the travel experience that you might not have enjoyed otherwise. By knowing the Italian language you will be more in tune with the local culture and its people. This way, you will also be able to see Italy with a different perspective and not like an average tourist. How to learn Italian According to reports, around 65 million people speak Italian as their native language and certainly it is one of the most popular languages in the European Union. If you have an interest in learning Italian and want […]

The Best Time to Visit Italy

Sicily, Italy

With its rich history, picturesque landscapes and delicious food, Italy is mesmerizingly beautiful. However, when you are planning a trip around this nation, the timings play a very important role. None of the top destinations is year-round and some of the prominent attractions draw tourists certain times of the year over others. Beach destinations are a major crowd puller during summer. Medieval towns are usually thronged by tourists in the winter months. And many visitors plan a trip around the fall season due to fewer crowds. Thus, Italy has something to offer every season and visitors have their travel priorities. In this article, we will give you more information on the best time to visit Italy based on your travel priorities. So that it gets easier for you to plan a memorable Italian holiday. January & February January and February constitute the colder months when fewer tourists remain. You get […]

10 Must Visit Beaches in Italy 2020

Marasusa Beach, Calabria | Tour Italy Now

Italy boasts some of the most amazing beaches, exotic islands as well as long stretches of glittering sand. Hence, the Italian Coast is one of the best choices for tourists looking for a tropical holiday. Spend hours while relishing the azure water, sample the local cuisine, engage in water sports or just relax, these beautiful beaches have it all. Look at our list of the 10 most spectacular beaches in Italy where you can plan your next holiday. Cala Goloritze, Sardinia Cala Goloritze is one of the most alluring Sardinian beaches located right at the base of a ravine on an idyllic coastline. This beach was naturally created after a landslide hit the region in 1962. It is tiny but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. The beach of Cala Goloritze features two natural yet unique structures, a jagged stone-arch and a towering pinnacle that enhances the charm of this […]

Top Hot Springs in Tuscany and Lazio for 2020

Italy, particularly Tuscany and Lazio are enriched with hot water springs loaded with minerals. These miraculous springs are the jewels in the crown of Italy. They have medicinal properties, hence used by the people since ancient times to cure skin related diseases. These thermal baths are the perfect place to pamper yourself and gives you a rejuvenating vacation at any time of the year. Here are some of our favorites in Tuscany and Lazio. Montecatini Terme Often regarded as one of the largest spa towns in Italy, Montecatini Terme is a treasure trove of thermal centers. The thermal waters found here are apt for both drinking and spa treatments. The thermal baths have a history dating back to the centuries. These natural springs boast an idyllic setting overlooking the green meadows that you cannot afford to miss. Most of the thermal spas remain open throughout the year, except a few […]

7 Amazing Things To Do On The Amalfi Coast

Sprinkled with seaside hamlets, Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site with a dramatic coastline. The classic Mediterranean landscape with a fusion of natural and cultural treasures lures tourists around the globe. This region has inspired several artists and hence it is a hub for artistic and architectural excellence. The jagged mountains plunging deep into the turquoise sea with the charming piazzas aside is a sight to behold. If you want to take a break from the sun-kissed beaches, there are a lot many things to love about the Amalfi Coast. Here are a few of our favorite things to do on this enchanting land. Take a Hike Path of the Gods – Sentiero degli Dei The name ‘Path of the Gods’ indicates the stunning natural beauty enroute. The 7.8 kilometers long trek will take you through tall towering trees, brightly colored wildflowers, ancient ruins, green meadows, and […]

Common Italian Expressions For Your Next Italian Vacation

Traveling to another country can be such an exhilarating experience and can give you memories that will last you a lifetime. When you go abroad, while most people do speak English, it is best if you try to learn the language of the country you are going to. It is a very useful thing to do and can help you better appreciate the local atmosphere and the people you interact with. While you can’t expect to master an entire language overnight, you CAN, however, learn some short, useful words that can get you through your trip. Here are some phrases and words that you should at least commit to memory (or create a cheat-sheet with) before you board your plane to Italy: Greetings Buongiorno (bwohn-johr-noh)- Good Morning Bounasera (bwoh-nah-seh-rah)- Good Evening Bounanotte (bwoh-nah-noht-teh)- Good Night Come Sta (koh-meh stah)- How are you? Mi chiamo (mee kyah-moh) – My name is… […]

Traveling by Train in Italy – The Basics

If you find yourself with time to spare when you travel to Italy, we suggest that you explore the country by train. Traveling by train in Italy is one of the most efficient and economical ways of getting around in this lovely country. Whether you’re planning to go from city to city, or you just want to get to the museum on the other side of town, heading to the train station is always a good bet. You should know however that if you don’t know how the rail system in the country works, you might find yourself confused and maybe even lost. Don’t worry. There are a few things you simply need to know about the Italian Metro for you to safely get from point A to point B without finding yourself someplace you weren’t planning on going. Here are some train travel tips that might prove useful when […]

How to Plan Your Travel to Italy

Traveling is a fun activity that not many people get to do as often as they want to. When people do get to travel, they end up stressed over a lot of things that they forget to bring or do. Traveling should be something you enjoy and not stress over, especially with such an activity happening only once in a while. This is why it is essential that you plan your trip before you even book your tickets for it. Italy is a country that many tourists put on their bucket list, and this popular tourist destination is one that you should be able to savor and not rush through. This means you need to have an itinerary that suits your pace and what you want to experience. This also means having enough time to see, do, and taste everything that you want to in this majestic country, and getting […]

Top 5 Cities in Italy for Nightlife 2020

  Nightlife in Italy varies according to season. Outdoor entertainment is popular from the May to September months, when the weather is hot enough to allow for it, then close down when autumn arrives and remain so for the duration of the winter season. Many nightclubs operate two versions to accommodate the changing seasons as well, with one catering to the summer and the other for the winter. A vacation to Italy would not be complete without scheduling stuff to do at night. While there are some places in the country that do not have much by way of a nightlife, there are cities that are notable for their jumping nightclub scene and amazing party places. The nightclub scene in Italy tends to follow the seasons, with more people hitting the clubs in beach towns like Riccione, Tropea, and Rimini during the warm summer months and clubbing in the colder […]