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Top 10 Prettiest Towns in Italy

italys wine country

When visiting Italy, popular cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, and Florence are always on the bucket list of travelers. But most of the gorgeous Italian destinations are away from the tourist circuit where grandeur is the norm. These underrated towns are not only beautiful but have a lot more to offer. Some of them have a fascinating history dating back to the ancient era whose remains are visible even today. If you are a culture seeker bitten by the travel bug, we offer you a list of the 10 most amazing Italian towns where life slows down and the sweetness of doing nothing adds to the charm.

Todi, Umbria

Todi-Umbria | Tour Italy Now

Todi is a charming medieval town perched atop a hill in Umbria. The splendid architecture of the medieval buildings engraves a beautiful frame in mind. This region is an effortless blend of a glorious past and an enchanting present. It also offers sweeping views of the Tiber Valley and hypnotizes visitors with its irresistible charm. Indeed, there is something new to explore every day in this beautiful hill town.

Saluzzo, Piedmont

Saluzzo-Piedmont | Tour Italy Now

Nestled in the Piedmont region, the medieval hill town of Saluzzo is one of Italy’s best-kept secret. With a history dating back to the 15th century, this town looks pretty lost in time. The captivating assortment of cobblestone streets, red-tiled roofs, steep staircases, and ancient churches conjure amazing memories and teleport visitors to the bygone era. Some of the notable historic buildings here include Castello della Manta, Casa Cavassa, and San Giovanni Church.

Bevagna, Umbria

Bevagna-Umbria | Tour Italy Now

The Umbrian town of Bevagna has been awarded the title of one of the most beautiful Italian villages. And you have to visit this dreamy destination to believe it. The laid-back town was originally called Mevania and boasts a history that goes back to the Pre-Roman era. The imposing walls bordering the town are a sight to behold. They are known as ‘Gaite’ and reflect the rich heritage of ancient Bevagna. Surrender yourself to the beauty of the thermal baths adorned with stunning frescoes, remains of a temple and an old theater transformed into charming houses.

San Gimignano, Tuscany

San-Gimignano-Tuscany | Tour Italy Now

Originally an Etruscan settlement, the historic town of San Gimignano is often regarded as the Medieval Manhattan of Italy. The intimidating sight of the 14 stone towers rising out of the Tuscan land ignites imagination and drift visitors in oblivion. Its hilltop setting enclosed with well-preserved walls dominates the skyline and overload the senses. This ancient center is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site and lure explorers from far and near. Wander around the medieval town, visit the art galleries and sample Tuscan delicacies, San Gimignano has it all.

Sperlonga, Lazio

Sperlonga-Lazio | Tour Italy Now

The whitewashed town of Sperlonga overlooking the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea is one of Italy’s precious jewels. This postcard-perfect destination is tucked between Naples and Rome. Sperlonga is one of the underrated towns in Italy that gives you the pleasure of doing nothing along the pristine beaches. Embrace moments of solitude admiring the historic palaces and archaeological museums. And if you want to soak up the typical vibe of this coastal settlement, head to one of the cozy cafes and watch the world go by.

Tropea, Calabria

Tropea-Calabria | Tour Italy Now

The jagged beach town of Tropea looks straight out of the wonderland. This Calabria region sits above the Tyrrhenian Sea and looks amazingly intimidating. Tropea is a hotspot for European and Italian tourists However, Americans are not yet aware of its sheer magnificence. The glistening turquoise water brushing against the white powdery beaches evokes euphoria with its striking aura. Rent a canoe, go for diving or take a dip in the Tyrrhenian water, Tropea covers it all. And when you are hungry, do not forget to indulge in authentic dining experiences spread across this quaint town.

Verona, Veneto

Verona-Veneto | Tour Italy Now

Verona is an offbeat Italian destination located in the Veneto region on the banks of the Adige River. It came into the limelight after William Shakespeare’s iconic love story, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. However, this gorgeous town is not just about this tragic drama, it has a lot more to offer. The ambiance is hip and modern with a touch of history. Explore the architectural treasures, wander the streets and take tons of pictures, this is definitely the place that fills visitors with loads of unexpected surprises.

Alberobello, Puglia

Alberobello-Puglia | Tour Italy Now

The unusual picturesque town of Alberobello is known for its whitewashed conical roofed houses commonly known as ‘Trulli’. Wandering around this small town and gazing at a trulli is the principal activity that people loves to engage in. Due to this distinct feature, Alberobello has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you want to immerse in the true essence of the trulli town, head to Rione Aia Piccola. This region is dotted with over 500 trullis and it is also less commercialized. Catching a glimpse of the locals who call these trullis home and interacting with them is bliss. Indeed, Alberobello is one of the must-see places in Italy.

Cortona, Tuscany

Cortona-Tuscany | Tour Italy Now

Perched at a height of 600 meters, Cortona is one of the 12 settlements belonging to the Etruscan civilization. This region gained popularity after the renowned novel ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Every nook and cranny of this remarkable town is picture-perfect and offer amazingly awesome valley views. If you are an explorer at heart, take the path up to the Girifalco Fortress and immerse in the majestic view of Cortona from here. This is the kind of place where you can slow down and experience the typical Tuscan life.

Cefalu, Sicily

Cefalu-Sicily | Tour Italy Now

The seaside resort of Cefalu is known for its unpretentious charm and spectacular sunsets. The eclectic mix of pristine beaches, historic hamlets, fine architecture and of course Sicilian food adds up to make this charming town one of the best beach destinations in Italy. If you are a heritage buff, the mosaic-adorned Cathedrals can easily make you fall in love with Cefalu. It is a great place to soak up the culture while enjoying a leisure stroll along the seaside promenade. Watching the setting sun from the rocky colossal of La Rocca is one of the must-do activities when you are here.

If you want to explore Italy beyond the popular tourist sites, we recommend you to pin these places on your travel board and plan an Italian holiday soon!

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