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Top 5 Cities in Italy for Nightlife 2020

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Nightlife in Italy varies according to season. Outdoor entertainment is popular from the May to September months, when the weather is hot enough to allow for it, then close down when autumn arrives and remain so for the duration of the winter season. Many nightclubs operate two versions to accommodate the changing seasons as well, with one catering to the summer and the other for the winter.

A vacation to Italy would not be complete without scheduling stuff to do at night. While there are some places in the country that do not have much by way of a nightlife, there are cities that are notable for their jumping nightclub scene and amazing party places. The nightclub scene in Italy tends to follow the seasons, with more people hitting the clubs in beach towns like Riccione, Tropea, and Rimini during the warm summer months and clubbing in the colder months of the year is better in the bigger cities.

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Some places in Italy have a better nightlife than others, with clubs staying open no matter what the season. These are the cities that have droves of families and tourists roaming the streets during the day and party-going vacationers clubbing at night. To help you out, here are the top 5 cities in Italy that you should check out if you love the nightlife:


One of the fashion capitals of the world is also home to some of the best nightclubs in the world. In fact, in Italy, it is the city with the largest and most active nightclub scene in the country. Being a cosmopolitan city, Milan has quite a selection for night entertainment that includes cultural options, pubs, dance clubs, and bars.

Clubs in this city open at 6pm to 7pm and begin with the traditional “happy hour”. Bars and clubs are usually open all days of the week in this city, but the best days to go clubbing here would be from the middle of the week to the weekend. Entrance fees at these clubs are usually at 7 to 10 Euros, but these usually come with one drink. Some clubs also give you a complementary drink or aperitif apart, from your free drink with your entrance fee.


Night On Rome Streets | Tour Italy Now

Another city that is teeming with tourists is Rome, which stands to reason why this city will also have a bustling nightlife. The main difference between the nightlife in Rome and that in Milan is that the night scene here is focused more on the culinary wonders of the city and the enjoyment of the fine wines that come from all over Italy. People-watching is especially popular here since people do love sitting in al-fresco cafes as they savor the delectable offerings of the city.

There are a lot of dance clubs, bars, and electronic clubs for you to visit here as well, if you are not into the laid-back kind of nightlife. One thing you should know about Rome however, is that while most cities do have clubs that are open all-year-round, a lot of the clubs and bars here tend to close during the summer to give way to the festivals that happen this time of the year.


Another city in Italy where you can expect to find a bustling and kicking nightlife is Florence, with its laid-back rooftop bars, jumping dance clubs, unique cocktail bars, and historic delis where you can sit and enjoy a glass of fine wine with some traditional truffle panini. You can also enjoy simply enjoying the sunset and views of the city as you sip cocktails with some of the more sophisticated crowds in the city in a hillside terrace bar.

Florence Bar | Tour Italy Now


Also worth mentioning when it comes to the nightlife in Italy is Sicily, with its rather eclectic mix of choices. Take your pick from wine bars with Arab fusion bar food, to 1960s inspired nightclubs with a retro look, to boho bars that also serve lunch and coffee during the day. You can also find massive dance clubs here, like the famous General Market, which starts out as a laid-back venue while the night is young to a jumping dance club with electronic music played by some of the top DJs in Europe.


Similar to Rome in the way people enjoy the nightlife, Venice also features clubs and bars where people can quietly sip their cocktails and chew on bar snacks while they enjoy the views of the city and of people passing by. Fine wine at a wine bar, great coffee at an al-fresco coffee shop, and listening to live music while drinking beer on tap are some of the options you have here when it comes to whiling the night away. Take your pick from the wide array of choices that include bars in age-old buildings to those found on the rooftops of 5-star hotels to holes-in-the-wall found in markets.

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