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New Rome Tourist Accommodation Tax as of September 2014

A quick heads up, travelers!

As the title of this article reads, the city of Rome in Italy has recently implemented a new Tourist Accommodation Tax (also known as “tassa di soggiorno” in Italian, and “bed tax”, “guest tax”, or “hotel tax” in English) as of September 1, 2014. This tax has been around for several years now, and is also being implemented in other major tourist cities such as Florence and Venice. This year, however, Rome has updated the rates of its tassa di soggiorno.

To help avoid any confusion, especially when you’re at your hotel and you are handed a bill with this extra amount on it, here’s a guide on what these taxes are, and how they work.

What is the tax for?

Travel tips for italyThis tax is being implemented by the city’s tourism authority as a way to help raise funds to further improve tourist services, as well as to finance tourism-related promotions, as well as street and city improvement projects.

Who are exempted from paying this tax?

According to the official release from the city’s tourism authority, the following people are exempted from tassa di soggiorno:

  • Residents of Rome
  • Children who are 10 years old and below
  • All who accompany patients for health reasons
  • Members of the State police force and the other armed forces,
  • One coach driver and one tour leader/tourist guide for every 23 group members
  • Visitors staying at youth hostels. Hostels are the only types of accommodations that do not charge this tax.
  • How will I pay for this tax?

    The appropriate amount will be billed upon check-out at the establishment that you are staying at, and can be paid for by cash or card, depending on the types of payment methods the establishment accepts (e.g., some bed and breakfasts might accept only cash). Upon payment, you will be issued an official receipt. If you are unsure on how you will be asked to pay for the tax, make sure to inquire with either your travel agent, your tour operator, or directly at the establishment.


    How much would this tax be?

    The type of accommodation you are staying at and how long you are staying there will affect the amount of tax you will have to pay. Take note that it is charged on a per person AND per night basis, with a cap of either 5 or 10 consecutive nights within one solar year. As of September 2014, the new rates are as follows:

    • Hotels
      • 1 and 2-star hotels – EUR 3.00/night – Maximum of 10 nights
      • 3-star hotels – EUR 4.00/night – Maximum of 10 nights
      • 4-star hotels – EUR 6.00/night – Maximum of 10 nights
      • 5-star hotels – EUR 7.00/night – Maximum of 10 nights
    • B&Bs, Guest Houses, Holiday Homes, and Apartments
      • EUR 3.50/night – Maximum of 10 nights
    • Tourist Farms and  Residences (Agriturismo)
      • EUR 4.00/night – Maximum of 10 nights
    • Camps sites,  open air facilities and equipped park areas
      • EUR 2.00/night – Maximum of 5 nights

    Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

    Sample Computations

    The following are sample computations using different scenarios.

    • Two adults staying at a 4-star hotel for five nights
      • EUR 6.00/night x 5 nights x 2 people = EUR 60.00
    • A family of four, with two children both aged over 10, staying at a guest house for 14 nights
      • EUR 3.50/night x 10 (because the tax caps at 10 nights) x 4 people = EUR 140.00
    • A group of ten adults staying at a camp site for 6 nights
      • EUR 2.00/night x 5 (because the tax caps at 5 nights) x 10 people = EUR 100.00

    Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy

    If you have any further questions of inquiries about the new Rome tourist accommodation tax as of September 2014, again, we encourage you to consult with a licensed travel agent or tour operator!

    (News Source: Rome Official Tourism Site)

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