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3 Off-the-Beaten Path Destinations to Visit in Italy

Off the Beaten Path Destinations to Visit in Italy

Italy is beautiful and the popular cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome are the most obvious destinations. But if you want to feel the true Italian essence, take the off the beaten path and explore the lesser known jewels. These destinations are not very crowded and invite travelers seeking peace and tranquillity amidst nature.
Scroll down to know more about the 3 amazing Italian destinations that are less touristy and has earned praise for its picturesque surrounding.


The long, narrow stretch of Puglia forming the heel of the boot-shaped Peninsula is a traveler’s delight. This region is enriched with pristine, whitewashed towns, extravagant churches and timeless castles that depict sheer magnificence. With the perfectly framed views, Puglia’s countryside shines brightest. There are lots to see here but if you are running short of time, better to focus on the most desirable ones.

Alberobello, Puglia White House Town

Home to the Trulli, Valle d’Itria showcases the best of Puglia. This region is wedged between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea away from the ruckus of the city. The captivating towns bordered by the idyllic coastline, vast expanses of rolling hills and the mouth-watering cuisines are a hit among everyone. And the best part is you are never far away from the sun-kissed beaches. Wander through the region and you will find the sensational waves brushing against the feet. Make sure to explore the charming towns of Locorotondo, Alberobello, Martina Franca, Ostuni and Noci that rises out of the pancake-flat land.

Nestled in Southern Puglia, Salento Peninsula is not just pretty but offers the unexpected pleasure of life. It flaunts the remnants of a glorious past that goes back to the Greek era. Salento greets visitors with its Baroque architecture, olive groves and jagged coastline. No wonder this region is the stuff of dream away from the tourist circuit. The city of Leece is a great place to start exploring Salento. It is tightly packed with Baroque structures and is known for the Barocco Leccese. The gorgeous seaside hamlet of Gallipoli is another interesting site. The Old Town stands on a limestone island connected by a 16th-century bridge and the sight is intimidating. Otranto is another charming coastal town that is dotted with plenty of whitewashed houses partially hugged by a medieval wall.


Loaded with natural wonders, the gorgeous Sardinia is the second largest Mediterranean island after Sicily. This region is mostly mountainous and wins for its wild and pristine beauty. The luxurious assortment of white beaches, bluest waters and lush landscapes are set back in a time where life slows down. Hike through the jagged terrain, walk along the coastal path or spot wildlife oddities, Sardinia indeed offers a distinct holiday packed with unexpected surprises. It also flaunts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are enticing and redefines charm.

Sardinia Beach

The capital city of Cagliari is the largest amongst all the Sardinian cities. It boasts a glorious past and teleports visitors to the bygone era. This city is full of historic monuments that unravel the rich heritage of the region. Cagliari is an eclectic mix of caves, coasts, and highlands that strike visitors with a charm so irresistible. The exquisite citadel of II Castello is a gemstone adorned in the Cagliari’s crown. Constructed by the Aragonese and the Pisans, this palatial structure exudes aristocratic opulence. Another unmissable attraction is the 14th century Twin Towers built by the Aragonese rulers. These Pisan Towers dominates the skyline and offer sweeping views from the top. Other popular sites include the Cathedrale di Santa Maria, Palazzo Viceregio and the Roman Amphitheater.

Castelsardo is a quaint medieval village tucked in the heart of the Gulf of Asinara. Founded by the Genoese family in the year 1270, this region reflects remnants of an ancient past. Combined with historic and natural wonders, it is the best-kept secret of Sardinia. Castello dei Doria is the principal attraction that stands on the hill and its beauty is worth admiring. The museum of Museo dell’ Intreccio within the castle showcases the art of basket-weaving. Parish Church of San Antonio and Santa Maria delle Grazie are prominent religious buildings that cannot be missed. Meander through the narrow lanes in the Castelsardo Centre where you will find several craft shops and restaurants showcasing the local way of life.

Le Marche

Lying in Central Italy, Le Marche is the place where the Italians head on a vacation. It is often regarded as ‘the next Tuscany’ but that doesn’t do much justice to this charming destination. Brimming with rolling hills, quaint hamlets, untouched beaches, olive groves and acres of vineyards, Le Marche is outstanding in its own way. It is worthwhile to explore a less touristy region that can surprise you in equal measures if not less. The cities and towns are delightful and offer ample opportunities for visitors interested in hiking and biking.

Le Marche Valley

The capital of Le Marche, Ancona is a major port city and a prominent historical center heavily damaged after World War II. Ancona is the amalgamation of ancient and modern. The bustling port city flaunts the modern lifestyle with a pinch of history in it. This region has been a significant part of the Roman and the Lombard Empire and has seen traders from different nations. Hence, it reflects an endless procession of cultures that are unique yet intriguing. Enjoy a walk along the harbor, visit the iconic historical structures or relax in the beaches, this place has it all. The renowned attractions include Arco di Traiano, Mole Vanvitelliana, Cattedrale di San Ciriaco and Piazza del Plebiscito.

Urbino is one of the most underrated destinations that offer one in a kind experience. It is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site and boasts a rich legacy dating back to the 15th century. Your love affair with this enchanting land will start as soon as you set foot in the region. Urbino is an effortless blend of art and culture that have carefully preserved its Renaissance architecture. The mesmerizingly beautiful hill town is a safe haven for scholars and artists across the globe. The Ducal Palace is one of the top sites in Urbino, wandering through the palace will take you through its two museums that are filled with a fascinating history. Other unmissable attractions are Raphael’s House, Albornoz Fortress and Oratorio di San Giuseppe.

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