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Outdoor Activities You Have to Try at Lake Garda

lake garda outdoor activities

As the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is a popular travel destination for many tourists who are looking to enjoy some fun, outdoor activities. If you happen to find yourself there, here are just some exciting suggestions of activities that you simply have to try while you’re there.


You simply can’t visit Lake Garda and not try sailing its pristine waters. Many boats traverse its wide expanse on a daily basis. In fact, the constant winds blowing across the lake makes it an ideal location for regattas throughout the year.

If you want to feel the spray of the lake waters in your face, then why not rent a sailboat and try navigating Lake Garda for a day. Who knows? You might even get into a playful race with some of the other boats that are sailing across the Garda.

If you’re looking for other water sport activities that you can do by yourself, you can also try windsurfing or kite sailing.


There are more than a thousand kilometers of bike trails running all across the area surrounding Lake Garda. Bike lovers will appreciate the breathtaking view and the unparalleled beauty that the scenery has to offer.

From north to south, there are various bike routes that cater to bikers of any skill level. Bikers looking for a challenge can try working their way through the western side of the lake, which includes the area around Mount Tremalzo as well as the hinterland of Toscolano and Gargnano. The southern part in the Lombardy region features some nice long stretches that easy going bikers will surely enjoy.

Trekking and Nordic Walking

Another popular sight that you’ll see all around the lake are hikers from all walks of life trekking across the lake’s various walking trails. The stunning view of Lake Garda leaves travelers with a sense of wonder as they traverse the landscape. There are many amazing walking spots that are perfect for trekking, including the area around Mount Baldo, the Emperor’s Forts, as well as many historical routes of the First World War.

People looking for a unique hiking experience can try Nordic Walking. Originally developed as a way to train cross-country skiers even during the summer months, it’s a brisk and efficient way to travel around the lake’s area.


If you’re visiting Lake Garda during the summer, then this is the perfect time to try your hand at climbing the cliffs surrounding the area. The northern and eastern cliffs are popular spots during this season and are suitable for climbers of all types – from beginners to experts. Regardless of your skill level, anyone who reaches the peak of a climb is rewarded with a panoramic view of the Lake that is simply a sight to behold. This is definitely a must activity for those who love climbing.


Adrenaline seekers won’t be disappointed during their trip to Lake Garda. The area around the lake features several winding canyons where visitors can experience the excitement of fording across the white water canyons. If you don’t mind getting wet, then this is a fun way to spend the day as you explore the various natural gorges and canyons made by spectacular waterfalls. Just make sure to bring an extra change of clothes for this type of excursion.

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