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Planning an Italy Trip is Fun With Our Italy Vacation Checklist

Couple-in-Island-of-Capri | Tour Italy Now

Hope you read the blog post about our Insider Italy Vacation Checklist where we gave a detailed idea regarding designing the itinerary, booking for the trip, having your passport in order and lastly getting the travel insurance.

Now that all the above points are covered, it’s time to focus on the next tips that will make your vacation memorable. This travel planning checklist will help you to plan the Italy holiday in the best possible manner.

Read a Few Guidebooks

Reading Guidebooks

If you are planning a trip to Italy, reading a couple of guidebooks can make the experience better. Italy is such a popular travel destination, that you will find a lot of content available on the internet or in public libraries. If you are a bibliophile, simply head to the bookstore and take a look at the travel book section. Trust us, you will find something useful. This way you can picture your future travel and plan a perfect Italy trip.

Create Your Bucket List Destinations

Prettiest-Towns-in-Italy | Tour Italy Now

The best way to travel in Italy is to make a list of the destinations that you would love to visit. Every Italian city has its essence. But if you want to witness Italy at its enchanting best, cities like Rome, Naples, Florence, and Venice are worth visiting. The history-filled Rome is packed with ornate masterpieces. Naples is a treasure trove of architectural gems. Florence exudes an aristocratic opulence with its Renaissance architecture and extraordinary museums. Last but not least, Venice is built on water and forms the heart of Italy. Apart from bustling cities, there are picturesque seaside towns that must be on the bucket list of every traveler. Starting from Positano to Cinque Terre, Atrani and Cefalu, the options are countless. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, all of these places are worth exploring.

Watch Italian Movies to Set Your Mood Before the Trip

Reading guidebooks and making a list of must-see destinations is completely fine. But nothing can beat the experience of watching Italian films that features pretty landscapes and tell great stories. Movies with romantic plots are more fascinating than others. A few of our favorites are Roman Holiday, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Call Me by Your Name. Italian classics are beautiful and can melt your heart. The collection includes Bicycle Thieves, Life is Beautiful, La Dolce Vita, Two Women and many more. Watch these movies and you will be more excited about your next Italy trip.

Learn Basic Italian Language


Popular cities like Rome, Florence, Milan or Venice has countless people speaking English. Staff in hotels, restaurants and public transport knows English and you can easily interact with them. However, if you are visiting less touristy places, you might not find an English speaking crowd. Hence, it is always a good idea to learn basic Italian phrases that can help you in different situations. You can book with us and we will take care of everything. But learning a few key phrases will help you understand the country better and give a deeper insight into the local culture. The language is easy and Italians appreciate when visitors take effort to learn their language. The best part is you will get friendly responses and surprises.

Saving Money

Saving Money

The time and cost involved in an Italy vacation usually depend on how you plan for the trip. If you are planning a trip to Italy on a budget, these money-saving tips come handy. Consider exploring Italy in the shoulder season – spring or fall. Tourist crowd starts thinning out and you will also find good deals on hotels. While exploring the top cities, it is always a good idea to find accommodation outside the city. That way you will end up saving a few more bucks. Vacation rentals are affordable and also the perfect alternatives to hotels. The best way to see Italy in 10 days is to make an itinerary that comprises of both touristy and offbeat destinations while commuting by trains. Finally, when it comes to food, try eating in a less touristy area where the price is affordable. Several cafes charge people for taking a table. Hence, it is a good idea to ask before sitting.

Book in Advance

If you are traveling in the peak season, long queues at every prominent Italian landmark would hamper your travel plans. Thus, you will be exhausted and your time will be wasted. Besides, a handful of people are allowed to enter the attractions at the same time. Booking in advance can help you skip the long queues at the entrance and feast at the sight of the most extraordinary creations in the world. Tickets to the Vatican Museums and other popular attractions are available online. You can book from their official website and skip the line. For culture hounds and history nerds, guide services are also available. However, you need to book the service in advance.

Food & Drinks


Italy is often regarded as a culinary paradise and allure food connoisseurs worldwide. Apart from pizza, pasta and gelato, every region has its specialty. The coastal towns and villages are usually known for its fish delicacies that are hard to find in other places. Florence is popular for its legendary steaks and Emilia Romagna serves the best gourmet dishes in Italy. The country is also the largest wine producer in the world and has the finest wines for every occasion.

Get Social

Getting Social in Italy

Get social and you will have ample opportunities to see Italy through the eyes of the locals and other people who have already explored the nation. Get into Italy’s Twitter and Facebook scenes or you can also follow English versions of Italian newspapers. You are welcome to join Tour Italy Now’s online dynamic community. Subscribe to our blog, participate in discussions and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We share essential travel tips and other useful information that will help you to plan a wonderful trip to Italy.

We would love to hear your stories. Let us know in the comments how did you plan your Italian holiday?

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By Priscila Siano (266 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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