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The Ultimate Florence Shopping Guide


Florence, the Renaissance capital might be well known for its artistic and cultural excellence. But it is also regarded as one of the best shopping destinations across the globe. From leather goods to high-end label suits, shoes, and perfumes, you will find everything over here.

This guide will take you through some of the best boutiques and artisan workshops in Florence where you can engage in luxury shopping or fill your bag with some authentic home brands.

Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo-Villoresi | Tour Italy Now

Lorenzo Villoresi is a legendary Italian perfumer who develops some of the most sought after scents in the world. His work is inspired by his Tuscan home and the Middle East travels. A Villoresi scent is something more than just an ordinary perfume, it is an experience. It contains small doses of Tuscan ingredients that are considered powerful and infuse freshness in every bottle. Florence boasts a Museum and Academy of Perfume where visitors can discover the many secrets concerning perfumery and it is truly extravagant. This is the world’s first interactive Atelier, dedicated to essence and perfumes.

Aquaflor Firenze

Aquaflor-Firenze | Tour Italy

Aquaflor Firenze takes you to the artistic world of perfumery that is delightful to the senses. This exquisite outlet is not only a treat to the eyes but also soothing to the olfactory nerve. They offer a luxurious collection of perfumes, home fragrances, and tailor-made scents. Aquaflor Firenze invites its clientele a series of unique experiences. From fragrance tasting to perfumery workshops as well as private sessions with one of the in-house perfumer, they cover it all.


Madova Store | Tour Italy Now

Madova is one of the most popular leather glove stores in Florence that is located to the south of Ponte Vecchio. The gloves business is run by the Donnini family since 1919 and the first store was opened in 1954. The small shop is lined with wooden drawers packed with luxurious handwear. The gloves look exquisite and are available in myriad colors and style. They are made from the softest leather and mostly lined in silk, fine wool or cashmere. The store is set up right next to the factory, so in case they are unable to find something in the store, an assistant will slip-out to the factory to find it.

Angela Caputi Giugiu

Angela-Caputi-Giugiu | Tour Italy

In the year 1975, Angela Caputi started her statement jewelry business in Florence. Her fine collection is inspired by classic Hollywood movies dating back to the 1940s. The timeless pieces are an eclectic mix of modern style and traditional art. Her gorgeous statement jewelry collection is also showcased in fashion exhibitions and popular museums worldwide. All the stunning pieces are crafted to perfection at her flagship store in the neighborhood of Santo Spirito. Walking into this showroom is bliss because Angela Caputi is often found here working on her own collection.

Eataly Firenze

Eataly-Firenze | Tour Italy Now

Eataly Firenze is one of the best stores in Florence that offers authentic Italian wine and food. Apart from serving lunch and dinner, this branch is known for it’s cooking and wine tasting sessions. No wonder, this is a great place for purchasing the finest Italian produce as well as gifts and souvenirs. And when you are here, surrender yourself to the taste of Tuscan delicacies like braised pork ribs and pappardelle with creamy chicken livers.

Santa Maria Novella

Santa-Maria-Novella | Tour Italy Now

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is a 600 years old pharmacy and is one of the best-kept secrets in Florence. This ancient perfume house has taken inspiration from Dominican monks who have been mixing botanical concoctions from plants inside their monastery since the 1200s. The pharmacy is housed in an elaborately decorated building filled with frescos and vaulted ceilings. Here you can shop for perfumes, soaps, herbal elixirs, and the most elegant toothpaste. If you are a history buff, there is a small museum attached to the shop that is free to visit. It showcases glass and ceramic ware as well as copper pots that were once used in the process of production. Santa Maria di Novella also hosts an enchanting herb garden and a library of ancient texts.

Dino Bartolini

Dino-Bartolini | Tour Italy Now

The historic store of Dino Bartolini opened its gates in 1921 and allows you to get more creative with your kitchenware. They boast the finest collection of salad bowls, pizza cutters, wooden gnocchi board and what not. Hence, adding an Italian spark to the kitchen cabinet. Even if you are not a fan of kitchen apparatus, a visit to this shop will treat your sore eyes.


Aprosio-florence | Tour Italy

Aprosio is a gorgeous store offering timeless jewelry pieces that are exquisite and one of a kind. It is often regarded as a high-fashion jewelry store which is one of the highlights in Florence. The hand-crafted accessories adorned in Bohemian crystals or Murano glass follows a tradition dating back to the 16th century. Each of the pieces flaunts extraordinary designs and reflects intricate craftsmanship.

Leather Goods Stores

leather-goods-stores-florence-italy | Tour Italy Now

Opportunities to purchase leather goods are vast in Florence, from luxury boutiques to artisan workshops and street bazaars. If you are looking for budget purchases, head to Mercato di San Lorenzo and Mercato Nuovo. If you are more inclined towards Italian leather goods made by skilled artisans, we recommend Cellerini and the Scuola del Cuoio.

Cellerini is widely regarded as the most elegant leather store in Florence. In order to maintain the age-old tradition, they still incorporate manual techniques to produce the goods. They stock an extensive collection of classic handbags, briefcases, wallets, and accessories that are made from the finest leather.

The Church of Santa Croce brought the School of Leather (Scuola del Cuoio) to life. This school is one of the best treasures in Florence and offers courses ranging from a few hours to an entire year. Scuola del Cuoio is run by the Marcello Gori’s family members and apart from conducting courses, leather items are available at competitive prices. The showroom not only hosts lavish leather goods but visitors can also take a look into the work-spaces of the local artisans.

Did you know, the iconic fashion houses of Ferragamo and Gucci have museums in the center of Florence? If you are looking for some cultural immersions coupled with history, these museums are the best places to go.

Are you a passionate shopper in Italy? Let us know in the comments, which one is your favorite.

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