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Shopping in Italy

Italian Christmas Traditions: Piazza Navona Christmas Market

Piazza-Navona-Christmas-Market | Tour Italy Now

Christmas celebration in Rome has always been epic. The city is decked up in lavish decor, the streets are brightly illuminated and there are plenty of festive scenes around the corner. Every year during this time of festivity, the touristy area of Piazza Navona sparkle at night. It flaunts one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Italy that is thronged by tourists as well as locals. People from all over Rome and suburbs visit this market to take part in the Christmas festivities. It usually starts in the first week of December and the celebration continues for the next 6 weeks (between Christmas and the Epiphany). This annual market is the hub of activities during the day and it gets completely revamped at night. It is mostly open from 10 AM till the wee hours at night, especially during weekends. The Christmas Transformation Apart from decorations and native scenes, there […]

How to Buy a Great Venetian Mask in Italy!

venetian mask collection

I’m Josh, founder of VIVO Masks. We specialize in beautiful, handcrafted masquerade masks made in Italy, and want to discuss how to buy a venetian mask in Italy. I’m here because many people may wonder what the difference is between an authentic venetian mask versus an imitation mask that you can find at most local party stores in the months leading up to Halloween and Mardi Gras. Here’s what to look for to help you distinguish between imitation and authentic masks, whether you’re shopping at home or are lucky enough to get to go to Italy! Uniqueness – Imitation masks are made in factories hundreds at a time. One mask will look exactly the same as the next. The workers who create these masks often times have little to no knowledge of the history of venetian masks and therefore is very unlikely to look like a real venetian mask. Authentic […]

Mercatino di Natale: Christmas Markets in Italy

Among the many things to look forward to this Christmas holiday season in Italy would be the Mercatino di Natale, or in English, the Christmas Markets! Besides being a great opportunity to shop for presents, souvenirs, and knick-knacks for loved ones and friends, the arrival of the Christmas markets in Italy also adds to the truly festive air, as the merchandise stalls are often accompanied by food stalls that sell traditional, seasonal treats like warm drinks and roasted chestnuts. These seasonal markets normally start showing up by December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is also the day that officially marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities in Italy. On this day, lights and decorations start coming up, the holiday shopping season begins, and along with it would be the Christmas markets. They then remain open sometimes up until as late as January 6. Almost every town and […]

Four Destinations in Italy for Different Types of Travelers

Italy, as many well know, is one of the best countries to have a vacation in. Tourists flock to this lovely country every year, as it is a destination that is filled with a vast assortment of sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and experiences, all steeped in the richest of history and culture against one of the most beautiful backdrops on the planet. From shopping, to dining, to partying until dawn, all these things are possible in every region of Italy. However, because each region has a distinct color and flavor of its own, the range of activities and experiences possible is pretty much boundless. For travelers who have a limited amount of time to spend abroad, it’s important to know which places to go to in order to get the experience that you want from your trip. So how do you know which places may be best for you to […]

4 Things to Buy on Vacation in Florence, Italy

Excited for your upcoming trip to Italy? Finally getting that Italian vacation you’ve been dreaming of? If that’s the case, then there’s a very high probability that one of your stops will be in the picturesque city of Florence. Considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the Tuscan region and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, this city has much to offer. We’re not just talking about art, culture, and history, but it also has a plethora options when it comes to shopping! You heard it right! Florence has tons of boutiques, stores, open-air markets, and artisan shops, so the opportunities for a good shopping spree are endless. However, no self-respecting shopping champion would leave such a special place like Florence without picking up a fitting souvenir, right? While we associate Murano with glassware, and Burano with lace, Florence, too, has its quintessential goods. So if it really […]

Shopping in Rome

The eternal city of Rome is a shopping mecca.  From world famous designers like Prada and Gucci on grand boulevards to independent boutiques in hip neighborhoods to busy weekend markets, there is something for every shopping taste and budget.  Here is a brief guide to our favorite neighborhoods for shopping in Rome. Tridente This elegant area beginning at the Piazza del Popolo gets it’s name from the three main streets; via Ripetta, via Babuina and via del Corso. This is where you will find the big name designers like Valentino and Bulgari and smaller boutiques like Gente, a collection of elegant smaller designer clothing and shoes and Gallo Rome” for colorful striped socks, tights and scarves on via Frattina.  Don’t miss the via grand Condotti that ends at the Spanish Steps and the many small streets that criss cross the main avenues. Monti Rome first neighborhood, located a stones throw […]

Top 10 Shopping Outlets in Italy 2020

Italy is one of the best shopping destinations in the world.  From the big name fashion houses like Prada and Gucci to small artisans located in tiny towns, to outlet malls and factory stores near Italy’s main cities, there is something for everyone. For this post, the team at Tour Italy Now is here to help you find the very best outlet shopping in Italy. Outlet Malls and Factory Stores Located just outside of Italy’s major cities Tour Italy Now can can find well organized shopping malls and slightly obscure factory shops that all have deep discounts on clothes, shoes bags and more from the biggest names in Italian fashion. Rome Castel Romano Designer Outlets Located to the south of Rome about 15 miles from the city center this organized shopping center is the destination for great prices on luxurious Frette sheets and textiles, colorful Etro scarves and ties, Valentino […]

Italy’s Fashion Shows, Inspiration for Shopping in Italy

Italy is home to some of the best shopping in the world. With the the elegant shopping streets and artisan boutiques of Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice to the individual craft markets in smallest of country towns, there is something for everyone whether you are counting your euros or splurging on a grand tour. You will want to keep room in your luggage for packable gifts like gloves, wallets, ties, cashmere scarves, handwoven dishtowels and probably a expertly made pair of strappy handcrafted sandals. Each region in Italy has a speciality which makes it famous. Some Italian towns offer whole industries unto themselves. The town of Como in northern Italy is known for its silk. If you are looking for ceramics, visit the town of Deruta in Umbria and Grottaglie in Puglia. Want to buy Italian antiques? Head for the town of Arezzo in Tuscany, where a world-famous antiques market […]