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Summer Festivals in Italy 2019

Opera in Verona's Arena

Opera in Verona’s Arena

Summer is finally here and we cannot stop grooving. Apart from the beautiful beaches, pretty promenades and the lush scenery, the summer festivals of Italy will rock your world. Here are 9 of our favorite Italian festivals that are one in a kind and you cannot afford to miss.

La Notte Rosa, 5th July – 7th July 2019

Started in the year 2006, La Notte Rosa is one of the best summer festivals in Italy that occurs along the Adriatic Riviera. Usually, it starts on a Saturday in the month of July. This event is often known as the Pink Night and for fairly good reasons. The town of Rimini dazzles in pink lights and decorations to get in the vibe. La Notte Rosa invites people of all ages and the idea is to create a pleasant environment for women (hence it is pink). Bars and restaurants stay open till the wee hours, a midnight firework display is organized and concerts run throughout the night. La Notte Rosa has indeed become one of the biggest events in Italy.

Lucca Summer Festival, 28th June – 27th July 2019

Lucca Summer Festival is one of the most prominent events taking place within the historic walls of Lucca. This festival is an epicenter of music celebration in Tuscany that will instantly brighten up your day. Since 1998, Lucca Festival is bringing the best of live music performances under the Tuscan sky. Every year hordes of spectators from across the country flock to this ancient city to attend the grand concert featuring influential artists with a global reputation. The 2019 edition of the event will feature Elton John, English rock band Tears of Fears, American band Toto and many more.

Stresa Music Festival, 13th July – 8th September 2019

Stresa Festival is a prime musical fiesta taking place on the shores of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding areas. It was started by Italo Trentinaglia de Daverio, a Venetian lawyer in 1961. This summer festival has created a significant mark in the field of international classical music. There are performances and competitions being held in different venues such as gardens, villas, castles, and churches. The best thing about Stresa Music Festival is that it hosts experts as well as young performers who have just stepped their foot into the world of music. This year the event will start from the 13th of July and continue until the first week of September.

Umbria Jazz Festival, 12th July – 21st July 2019

Umbria Jazz Festival often tops the chart of Italian Summer Festivals. The first edition was held in 1973 and presently it is one of the largest jazz events in the world. This 10-day annual festival takes place in Perugia and invites eminent Italian and international jazz players. The musical scenes are astounding and there will be different kinds of music even if the heart of the festival is tied to jazz. There are a number of venues where the festival takes place. Santa Giuliana Arena and the Morlachchi Theater are the main venues where the big names perform. Open air concerts are organized at Piazza IV Novembre and there are arrangements for musical apertivi and food at Ristorante La Taverna. In addition, traditional street parades are organized every day.

Sferisterio Opera Festival, 19th July – 9th August 2019

Set in the beautiful countryside of Macerata, Sferisterio Opera Festival is one in a kind. It started in the year 1992 and has never failed to amaze the audience. The event takes place in the open-air stadium of Sferisterio, one of the exquisite opera venues in Italy. Sitting in a beautiful stadium beneath the starry sky and savoring the Italian operas is a dream for many. This event is indeed the main attraction of the Le Marche region in the summer months. The 2019 Sferisterio Opera Festival is based on the theme of ‘rossodesiderio’ that will explore different human emotions such as passion, violence, warmth, and love. Attending this festival is one of the most fantastic experiences and you cannot really miss it if you are here.

Milan Summer Festival, 8th May – 16th July 2019

Held in one of the most glamorous cities of Italy, the prestigious Milan Summer Festival is all about unlimited partying and fun. The festival hosts some of the top musical artists of different genres such as rock, jazz, heavy metals, blues and more. Milan Summer Festival is dedicated to the lovers of music and constantly reminds us that summers in Italy are absolutely gorgeous. Dive into the pool of events and celebrate with dance, music and of course lots of exotic Italian food.

Festival di Caracalla, 11th June – 4th August 2019

The Caracalla Summer Festival under the stars is impeccably spectacular. The annual opera festival includes live music and ballet performances against the iconic backdrop of the Caracalla Baths, an iconic landmark in Ancient Rome. A huge stage is prepared at the site adorned with sparkling lights and equipped with modern equipment. This festival brings in a series of outdoor events featuring chorus, orchestra, ballet as well as a number of international icons. Spend a summer evening enjoying the best music in an open-air stage that greets thousands of tourists and locals alike. Sit back and get into the tune!

Estate Romana, 30th June – 14th July 2019

If you want to explore Rome beyond its iconic museums, impressive churches, and ancient ruins, get a glimpse of the city during the festival of Estate Romana. This summer festival has gained widespread popularity over the past few years. It hosts over 100 events ranging from art exhibitions, music concerts to book fairs, theatre performances, and special shows exclusively for children. The celebration takes place in the city’s bustling squares, parks, and art galleries. No doubt, Estate Romana is a great event that gives a deeper insight into the cultural side of Rome.

Arena di Verona Festival, 21st June – 7th September 2019

Arena di Verona Festival is one of the finest events in the world that was officially born in the year 1913. It started with Aida, one of the most performed opera in the Arena di Verona Festival. The venue for this grand celebration is the remarkable Roman amphitheater of Verona Arena built in the first century. The performances usually begin after sunset when the audience lights up their small candles. Whether you are an opera connoisseur or a novice, attending an opera festival is something that you will cherish forever.

With the labyrinth of pleasures that Italy is offering you this summer, it’s time to book an Italian vacation!

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