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Tag Archives: Frances Ford Coppola

Italy Wedding News for Sofia Inspires Day-Dreams of A Wedding In Italy

Breaking Italy Wedding News! Yesterday’s news that Sofia Coppola will get married this summer in her father’s 19th-century Italian villa has triggered all kinds of fantasies of a romantic Italy wedding for me and for any number of my single lady friends. We are all huge fans of Italy travel and for each of us, getting married in Italy would be the perfect way to combine travel and romance. If not an Italy wedding, then perhaps an Italy honeymoon, or at least an Italian travel package to explore all those amazing wedding destinations in Italy. I wonder how you say, “if you like it, put a ring on it” in Italian? Sofia’s Italy wedding story is huge. The bride’s father is of course Francis Coppola, who once made a very famous movie called The Godfather that some of you may have heard of. owns this 19th-century villa, Palazzo Margherita, in […]


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