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Best Dishes to Taste in Sicily

Italian cuisine is generally not very ostentatious, using only a few ingredients for many of its dishes and emphasizing on simplicity when it comes to presentation. But the Italians’ characteristic insistence on using only the highest-quality ingredients makes their cooking singularly remarkable. Furthermore, Italian cuisine is also well-known for its diversity, so much so that each of its regions and provinces would usually have different versions of classic dishes that are otherwise recognized simply and generically as “Italian” (pasta and pizza lovers, take note).  Sicily, the Mediterranean’s largest Island and an autonomous region within Italy, is one of the best places in the country to experience this diversity in food. Although its gastronomic culture shares a great deal of similarities with quintessential Italian cuisine, it also embraces a lot of influences from the Spanish, Greeks, French, Germans, and Arabs.  On this list, we share with you the best dishes to […]


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