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Tag Archives: Gelato

Italy Fun Fact: Italians Invented the Ice Cream Cone!

Given the epic heat wave scorching much of the U.S. this week, we at Tour Italy now thought it would be fun to bring you this Italy Fun Fact: Did you know that in Italians invented the ice cream cone? As with much culinary history, there is some debate as to the precise origins of the iconic and delicious ice cream cone, but the consensus among culinary historians is that Italian immigrants living in England in the 19th century were the first to make a rolled waffle exclusively for ice cream. Thus was born the ice cream cone! You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! In a cone! In their early years, in the mid-1800s, ice cream cones were referred to ice cream wafers, ice cream shells, ice cream cups, according to the website What’s Cooking In America. From the same source, we learn that the first […]

Italian Gelato Festival in Florence Next Week!

Love gelato? Who doesn’t! Every year towards the end of May the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence hosts a Gelato Festival. This successful event has been has been going from strength to strength since 2010 and is now one of the most anticipated dates in Italian food lovers diaries.  For 2013 there is the additional exciting news that Firenze Gelato Tour is going to travel throughout the country, to spread the word about artisan gelato culture. Stands are set up in some of the prettiest squares in the historic center of Florence. Both small artisan and larger commercial producers will be in attendance so you can test your favorite classic flavors and some new exciting ones. The way the festival works is like this; You purchase a card that entitles you five tastings a various sites throughout the festival. Also included is a Gelato guide, a totebag and free entrance […]

Italian Gelato, Italy’s Frozen Wonder

There is nothing in this world better then Italian Gelato! When I was on vacation in Bologna a few years ago, I asked my host and his girlfriend to recommend the best gelateria inthe city. Of course I got two different answers! And there was one that I ended up loving most right across the street from their apartment. That’s the great thing about Italian gelato. There are so many wonderful flavors and so many excellent gelateria, in Italy and increasingly in the States, that it’s hard to go wrong. In Rome, there’s Gelateria Fatamorgana. Badiani in Florence gets a lot of votes. In Venice, some people like Gelateria del Doge on Campo Santa Margherita best. But when it comes to gelato, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. And just what is gelato, besides delicious? It’s ice cream’s cousin, for sure. The main differences: less butterfat and more sugar. For […]

Do All Olive Oil Gelato Recipes Lead to Mario Batali?

Today’s blog post is going to be a little more appetizing than yesterday’s. Gelato trumps train strikes any day! But train strikes, or scioperi di treni, are part of Italy’s fabric. Tour Italy Now will be updating you as needed, here on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter, too. Remember, this is a great link HERE for updates on the latest transport strikes in Italy. Now, on to gelato. Olive oil gelato. Who knew? Not me! Apparently it’s a popular dessert in Mario Batali‘s Otto. Amanda Hesser, on her wonderful crowdsourcing website, Food 52, described the olive oil gelato at Otto in a recent post: “It’s as smooth as aioli, pulsing with green olive flavor, and has sugar and salt dueling in the background.” She noted that the recipe was available on the website Serious Eats. She wondered if Mario’s rendition might be a tad too sweet and rich, […]


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