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Tag Archives: Italy Honeymoon

Top Attractions for an Italy Honeymoon

In the field of love, romance, and passion, nothing would definitely beat having an Italy honeymoon for newlyweds. Italy offers so many places that inspire people to fall more deeply in love and, consequently, fall in love with the country as well. Verona Certainly, no Italy honeymoon would be complete without even just a short visit to Verona. It’s practically an obligation for all couples in Italy to pay homage to the world’s most famously star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. In Verona, you can visit the Capulets’ home, with its well-known balcony. Be sure that you and your pray to the heavens you’ll have better luck than Shakespeare’s couple did. If you still have some free time, you can also take a carriage ride to enjoy the scenic views with leisure. Afterwards, you could have dinner in one of Verona’s many restaurants, attend an opera and then take a relaxing […]


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