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Tag Archives: Italy Photos

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Which is the Most Beautiful Photo of Italy of Them All?

Italy, for anyone who’s taken an Italy tour knows, or plans to take one will find out, is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Some of the world’s most beautiful places actually disappoint when you get there in person, because photography exaggerates their beauty. (This happens so often sometimes we’ve asked ourselves how wonderful it would have been to travel in the age before photography.) No so Italy. We’ve culled three of our favorite photographs, each one as stunning as the next, of three very different places, Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Venice, so we could ask the Tour Italy Now community what they think. Do you have a favorite, or is it impossible to choose? Have you visited any of these places? Please comment below. We’re looking forward to your thoughts. TUSCANY CINQUE TERRE VENICE

Beautiful Venice, 40 Photographs

Photos of beautiful Venice are on the menu for today! So far Venice is topping the list of favorite Italy travel destinations on the Tour Italy Now Facebook poll. No doubt Venice is one of the most magical and romantic places in the world. (We love that the airport is called Marco Polo International Airport!) I have a friend who went on her honeymoon there. And another who’s been several times, including to the Carnival! And another who … well, you get the idea. I went years ago when I was on an Italy tour with high school students. I can’t wait to get back … Here are 40 photographs of Venice that will let your imagination take you there. To celebrate Venice, here are 40 stunning Venice Italy photos, curated by designer Evan Varsamis, to behold: 40 Stunning Venice Italy Photos. Yours in celebrating beautiful Venice, Barbara Fellini


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